Martyred in the month of December 2016

13 people [6 Oromia police, 4 government employees & 3 local militia] are reported killed by Liyu police of Somali Regional State/Mino Town, Qumbi District, East Hararghe/Dec 29, 2016

Abebe Alemu/Doni Town, Bosat District, East Shawa/Dec 28, 2016 – Report

Abdi Bakar Ali/Reported killed by Harari police/Dec 23, 2016 – Picture

Name not identified/Bule Hora Town/Dec 22, 2016 – VOA Afaan Oromo reported

Kadir Haji Guye/Elderly man/Digalu & Tijo District, Arsi/Dec 2, 2016 – Report

Mohammed Malima/Killed in his own home/Rayitu District, Bale/Dec 1, 2016 – Report

Author: Admin

This website is launched in order to memorialize the victims of State violence in Ethiopia. We seek to show the tip of the iceberg of the victims of violence inflicted by the Ethiopian government on its own citizens in general and the Oromo people in particular.

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