Martyred in the month of October 2016

Activists reported more than 500 died [Government says 52. Later 55] on the annual Irreecha festival of the Oromo in Bishoftu on October 2, 2016. OFC party reported that 678 died.

Pleas click here to see the list of people killed at the festival.

Anawar Kalil/Choma Village, Masala District, West Hararghe/Reported on Oct 31, 2016 – Picture

Abdela Mama/Sadiqa Town, Arsi/Oct 31, 2016 – Report

Three young men reported killed/Dambi Dollo, Qellam Wallaga/Oct 29, 2016

1. Kennasa Dabala (Ibsa)
2. Magarsa Badilu
3. Lata Likkasa

Hirphasa Diririsa/Taji Town, Iluu District, South West Shawa/Oct 26, 2016 – Report

Masqalu Haylu/Taji Town, Iluu District, South West Shawa/Oct 26, 2016 – Report

Abdisa Adula/A 2nd year economic student at Bule Hora University/Oct 25, 2016 – Report

Koome/Businessman/Badessa, West Hararghe/Oct 19, 2016 – Report

Ahmedo Guye/Young man/Abaro Village, West Arsi/Oct 19, 2016 – Report

Alamudi Edao Gemedi [Graphic image]/Shashemene/Oct 17, 2016 – Report

Three young men found executed/Kokosa District, West Arsi/Oct 17, 2016 – Report

Picture 1; Picture 2; Picture 3

Ketema Bekele/Doni Town, Bosat District, East Shawa/Oct 16, 2016 – Report

Qaxala Dafarsha Ragasa/Qaxqaxo Town, Meta Robi District/Reported on Oct 16, 2016 – Report

Sultan Hussien/Found dead by bullets/Robe town, Arsi/Oct 15, 2016 – Report

Alemu Kenna/Member of OFC party; executed in front of his family/Sadiqa District/Oct 13, 2016 – Report

11 people mostly women killed/Jawi village, Roobe District, East Arsi/Oct 12, 2016 – Report

28 people have been confirmed killed by regime forces/Heraro, West Arsi/Oct 9, 2016 – Report

30 people are reported killed/Arsi Nagallee/Oct 8, 2016

50 people are massacred/Aje, West Arsi/Reported on Oct 8, 2016

Five people are reported killed in Dambi Dollo, Wallaga/Oct 3, 2016


One of those killed is identified as Biqila Hika

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This website is launched in order to memorialize the victims of State violence in Ethiopia. We seek to show the tip of the iceberg of the victims of violence inflicted by the Ethiopian government on its own citizens in general and the Oromo people in particular.

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