Martyred in the month of September 2016


Belete Nibretu Chekole/10th grade student; scored “A” in all subjects/Woreta, Amhara Regional State/Reported on Sept 29, 2016

* Related to #AmharaResistance

Mufti Tujara Wario/Saamera Town, Limu-Bilbilo District, Arsi/Sept 29, 2016 – Report

Anwar Abdullahi/A young boy of age 15/Sofi Village, near Harar City/Sept 29, 2016 – Report

Iyasu Solomon Ittafa/Killed during Meskel celebration/Tajjo Town, Qellam Wallaga/Sept 26, 2016 – Picture

Lidata Amanaa Sanbataa [Sanbata Imana]/Killed while going to Meskel Celebration/Mandi, West Wallaga/Sept 26, 2016 – Picture


Mohammed Abdela Usman/Graduated in Engineering from Hawasa University in 2015/Basaso, Somalia/Reported on Sept 26, 2016

Ifa Addisu

Ifa Addisu/Killed in Bordi Area, Naqamte, East Wallaga/Sept 25, 2016 – Picture

Mamo Garine/A young man/Killed in Xaxesa Village, Shashemene District, West Arsi/Sept 23, 2016 – Picture

Mohammed Abdullahi/Killed for showing protest sign/Qufanziq Village, Qarsa District, East Hararghe/Sept 17, 2016 – Picture

Solomon Raga  d91816_1_3

 Bilisumma Raga/Tortured, hospitalized & died/Arrested on the grand rally day in Guder, West Shawa [From Dalila, SW Shawa]/Sept 17, 2016

Hamdia Ahmed Kolla/A young woman/Haramaya, Hararghe/Sept 16, 2016 – Report

Three identified people/Bahir Dar, Amhara Regional State/Reported on Sept 16, 2016 – Video


Abdisa Boka/Reported to be a teacher at Wara Jiru School, Najo District, West Wallaga/Sept 14, 2016 – Funeral Video

Habtamu Roba Koji [Picture]/40 year old; father of 2/Maqi, East Shawa/Sept 12, 2016 – Report

Unidentified person/A man who was reported dead at Qilinto and whose body was given to family & buried found alive in Shawa Robit prison/Sept 11, 2016

Two people are reported killed/Qore area, West Arsi/Sept 10, 2016

One of those killed has been identified as Fayiso Jarra.

Three people are reported killed who work in slaughterhouse/Bishoftu, East Shawa/Sept 9, 2016

Two of them are identified as: 1. Tarrafaa Shibbiruu 2. Baqalaa Dabbabaa – Funeral Video


Mamush Yeshitla/Reported to be retired member of the National Defense Force/Hirna, West Hararghe/Sept 8, 2016


Kebede Feyisa/Died of torture at Ma’ekelawi/Born in Urga Areri Village, Jaldu, West Shawa/Reported dead on Sept 7, 2016

Arrested on grand #OromoProtests day in Burayu


Ebisa [Ebba] Wakjira/Naqamte, East Wallaga/Sept 5, 2016 –Picture. VOA reported.


Mohammed Usman/Civics teacher/Reported killed in Naqamte, East Wallaga/Sept 5, 2016 –Picture. VOA reported.


Two people are reported killed/Dambi Dollo, Wallaga/Reported on Sept 6, 2016

1. Ibsa Runde

2. Hailu Efrem (Boge)

22 bodies are reported taken to Paulos Hospital, 13 at Tor Hayloch Hospital & 14 at Police Hospital [Totally 49] due to the fire & shooting at Qilinto Prison on Sept 3, 2016/Finfinne

The government in Ethiopia said 23 are dead.


Saladin Shakim/Wounded on grand #OromoProtests day; reported dead in a hospital in Dire Dawa/Qobo, East Hararghe/Sept 1, 2016 – Picture

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This website is launched in order to memorialize the victims of State violence in Ethiopia. We seek to show the tip of the iceberg of the victims of violence inflicted by the Ethiopian government on its own citizens in general and the Oromo people in particular.

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