Incarcerated: 2014 – 2016

The list of incarcerated people below is the tip of the iceberg of the tens of thousands languishing in Ethiopian gulags.

This list is prepared by compiling reports of reliable social media activists, human rights organizations and media outlets. Here, we document the incarceration of only activists, people known by the general public, etc.

It should be noted that the vast majority of incarcerations are not reported on social media, to human rights organizations or media outlets.

The current status of some of the incarcerated might change for better or worse as time goes by. We try to keep their status up to-date.

The order of the detail is: Name/Gender/Description/Place and Date of Arrest of the victim.

Incarcerated in the month of December 2016



Seena Solomon and Elias Kiflu/Artists/Reported on December 13, 2016

Incarcerated in the month of November 2016


Dr Merera Gudina/Chairman of OFC [Oromo Federalist Congress] party/Finfinne [Addis Ababa]/Nov 30, 2016 – BBC reported

Abdi Gada - Journalist

Abdi Gada/Journalist/Adama, East Shawa/Reported on Dec 1, 2016 [Arrested before two weeks]

Olyad Bekele/Artist/Dire Dawa/Reported on Nov 25, 2016 – A music by the artist

Chala Daga/Singer/Held at Gulale police station, Finfinne/Reported on Nov 25, 2016 – A work of the artist

Tezera Chemeda/Another singer/Burayu/Reported on Nov 25, 2016

Roba Fantale/Abbaa Gadaa of Karayu/Metehara/Reported on Nov 23, 2016

Oromiya Mosisa

Oromiya Mosisa/Student at Jimma University Department of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine/Nov 18, 2016 [Report] – Whereabouts unknown

A 15 year old child named Jahun Abduselam, is among 13 people sentenced to 11 years in Masala District, West Hararghe/Nov 21, 2016 – Report


Dr Fikadu Asefa Jiru/CEO, Jimma University Specialized Teaching Hospital/Abducted on Nov 17, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown.


Elias Gebru [Jouralist], Anania Sori [Journalist] & Daniel Shibeshi [From left to right]/Finfinne/Nov 18, 2016 – Report


Befekadu Hailu/Zone 9 blogger/Finfinne/Nov 11, 2016 – Arrested again

Released on December 22, 2016 from Awash 7 Federal Police Training Center.

Here is a memoir he has written on Addis Standard after his release. 

Incarcerated in the month of October 2016


Ayub Haji/Businessman/Oct 13, 2016 – Report

27 students have been arrested from Arba Mich University/Oct 13, 2016 – Report


Abduro Tibesso/A businessman/Shashemene/Oct 12, 2016 – Report

Ayele Koroso/A prominent businessman/Shashemene/Oct 12, 2016 – Report


Jambo Dechasa/A businessman/Shashemene/Oct 11, 2016 – Report


Seyoum Teshome/Blogger & lecturer at Ambo University/Oct 1, 2016 – CPJ Report

Incarcerated in the month of September 2016


Gelana Kisi/Engineer/Qilinto, Finfinne/Sept 2, 2016/Reported on Sept 10, 2016


Jireenyaa Ayyalaa/Waliso, South West Shawa/Sept 6, 2016 – Report

Incarcerated in the month of August 2016


Sintayehu Chekol/Former UDJ party Youth Affairs Head/Addis Ababa/Reported on August 24, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown [Judge allowed bail]

Not related to #OromoProtests


Dr Alemu Tadesse/Physician/Incinni Hospital, West Shawa/August 17, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown


Temam Mohammed/Former member of Kinkit & Unity parties/Kombolcha, Amhara Regional State/Reported on August 12, 2016

Related to #AmharaProtests


Taagal Daaqaa Waaqgaarii/Detained in a military camp in Awash Arba, Afar Regional State/Finfinne [Addis Ababa]/August 6, 2016

Mallicha Guyo - Whereabouts unknown

Mallicha Guyo/Former lecturer at Dire Dawa University; currently graduate student of Constitutional & Public Law at AAU/Finfinne/August 6, 2016


Doii Ittaanaa/Finfinne [Addis Ababa]/August 6, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown – Report

Obsonete Baqqalaa - Whereabouts unknown

Obsonete Baqqalaa/Finfinne [Addis Ababa]/August 6, 2016 – Released on August 12, 2016. Severely beaten & can not move around.


Hana Adem/Last seen in Finfinne [Addis Ababa] on grand #OromoProtests/August 6, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Released on August 23, 2016 [Reported]

A list of 136 people charged in federal courts in relation to #OromoProtests is released [Amharic] by EHRP on August 3, 2016.

Incarcerated in the month of July 2016

A72816_2_3  A72816_2_2

Dekeba Wario [A renown elder; arrested earlier] & Bontu Dekeba/Father & daughter/Shaashamane, Arsi/July 28, 2016


Col. Demeke Zewdie/Leader of Welkait Identity Committe/Gondar, Amhara Regional State/July 13, 2016 – Report

Related to #AmharaProtests

Incarcerated in the month of June 2016


Sisay Serbessa/Incarcerated in Ma’ekelawi/July 23, 2016 – Previously jailed for 4 years


Lalisaa Indris/Author/Naqamte, Wallaga [From Innango, West Wallaga]/June 15, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Nimona Shaqa Gudeta/M/A teacher at Ambo University/Finfinne [Taken to Maekelawi]/June 6, 2016

Three Rift Valley University College [RVUC] Labu Campus administrators have been arrested on June 9, 2016.

1. Gololcha Bali/Dean of the College [Educated in Italy & returned to the country to serve his people]
2. Abiyot Nigussie/Assistant Dean of the campus
3. Calchisa Damte/Head of Distance & Continuing Education Department. Reported as badly beaten.
4. Dirribsa Damte/Addis Ababa University graduate. Have been imprisoned from 2011-2014 in Qalitti.

Gololcha Balli
Gololcha Balli
Calchisa Damte
Calchisa Damte

Two Dire Dawa University students kidnapped on June 4, 2016.

1. Laliisa Jalqaba/1st year Industrial Engineering
2. Habibi Sahadi/1st year Industrial Engineering

Four Dire Dawa University students detained at a military camp wrote a note. Reported on June 4, 2016

1. Gada Ebisa/2nd year English [From Mandi, West Wallaga]
2. Amanuel Etefa/3rd year Sport [From Dambi Dollo, Qellam Wallaga]
3. Oli Zewde/2nd year Law [From Mandi, West Wallaga]
4. Bedhasa Endale/2nd year Biology [From Naqamte, East Wallaga]

Kamal Katabo/M/2nd year Law student/Dire Dawa University/June 3, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Incarcerated in the month of May 2016

10 Dilla University students transferred to Dilla after 4 months in Ma’ekelawi. Reported on May 30, 2016

1. Shalloo Nagaasaa/4th year Electrical Engineering
2. Kisuu Tulluu/4th year Electrical Engineering
3. Gadaa Gammachuu/4th year Electrical Engineering
4. Wayyeechaa Tammiruu/3rd year Civil Engineering
5. Yohaannis Furgaasaa/3rd year Mechanical Engineering
6. Booranaa Abarraa/3rd year Mechanical Engineering
7. Zawduu Nugusee/3rd year Agro-Economics
8. Iyoob Mul’isaa/1st year Engineering
9. Wasanuu/3rd year Electrical Engineering
10. Mootummaa Kifle/2nd year Civil Engineering

Ramadan Abdurazaq-may 28, 2016 -whereabout unknown

Ramadan Abdurazaq/Injured but taken government forces/Dire Dawa/May 28, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Chali Kabada Tafaraa

Chali Kabada Tafaraa/3rd year Cooperatives Business Management student/Haramaya University/May 26, 2016

Motuma Ifa - Whereabouts unknown

Motuma Ifa/Toke Kutaye District, West Shawa/May 24, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

The following are 27 Haromaya University students who are taken on May 19/20, 2016

1. Kenbon Abata/5th year Veternary
2. Ifabas Boru/5th year Veterinary
3. Bikila Lema/4th year Veterinary
4. Yonas Abeya/4th year FTPE
5. Diro Hayile/2nd year Afaan Oromo
6. Indale Benti/2nd year ECE
7. Adisu Temesgen/2nd year ECE
8. Firomsa Boki/2nd year ECE
9. Gemachu Bobaso/2nd year English
10. Negara kumsa/2nd year English
11. Mesele Tena/2nd year FTPE
12. yakob Jeylan/1st year Mechanical Engineering
13. Hunde Daba/1st year Mechanical Engineering
14. Tola Girma/1st year Veterinary
15. chala Tashoma/1st year ECE
16. Yona Bedasa/1st year ECE
17. Olisan Diriba/1st year WRIE
18. Gurmesa/2nd year FTPE
19.Abdisa Bedasa
20. Girma Hundesa/1st year Chemical Engineering
21. Firaol Bayisa/1st year Mechanical Engineering
22. Gadisa/1st year Geography
23. Adisu Ababu/2nd year Economics
24. Gosa/2nd year Accounting
25. Eliyas
26. Abdi Gudeta
27. Tadese Yadeta/1st year Agriculture

The 7 people below are arrested following a rally in Asabot, West Hararghe on May 18, 2016

1. Abdi Tukke
2. Adinaan Aliyii Ibro
3. Sa’id Tasbii
4. Abdi Aliyii Mohammed
5. Abdulaxiif Amiin Teffe
6. Adinaan Mohammed Adem
7. Riyadoo Mohammed [Age 12]

The following 16 students are arrested from Jannata & Waltasis Villages, Masala District, West Hararghe on May 17, 2016.

The whereabouts of the students listed from 5 – 16 is unknown.

1. Abdii Abrahim/11th grade
2. Ittichaa Mahammad/10th grade
3. Ahamad Muusaa/10th grade
4. Salam Dilbii/8th grade
5. Shukrii Abdurazaq/7th grade
6. Mahammad Adam/9th grade
7. Aliyyii Mahammad/7th grade
8. Yaya Adam
9. Aliyyii Adam
10. Nasir Ahamad
11. Xaliloo Hussen
12. Mosisa Hamadii
13. Nasru Hussen
14. Shukrii Shafii
15. Sabur Ahamad
16. Nasir Ahamad

The following 4 people are arrested from Ambo, West Shawa on May 10, 2016.

1. Damise Banti
2. Milko [Milkeessaa] Banti
3. Marara Magarsa
4. Dammaa Dhuga 

Tokkuma Wakuma - Whereabouts unknown

Tokkuma Wakuma/2nd year Afaan Oromo student/From Gimbi, Wallaga/May 1, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Hundiket Meseret - Whereabouts unknown

Hundiket Meseret/1st year IT student/From Kombolcha, Horo Gudru, Wallaga/May 1, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Incarcerated in the month of April 2016

The following 5 Haromaya University students has been taken on April 30, 2016. 

1. Chala Lamessa

2. Chala Abdulkarim

3. Samuel Maskale

4. Alamu Diriba

5. Birhanu Taye

Gammada Urgessa - Whereabouts unknown

Gammada Urgessa/Sound editor at Oromiya Radio & TV/From Batu [Ziway]/Reported on April 1, 2016 [Arrested before 2 months] – Last reported to be at Ma’ekelawi

Incarcerated in the month of March 2016

Tashome Bongase

Teshome Bongase/Central Committee member of OFC; popular teacher/Mar 31, 2016

Bitaachaa [Gabree] Dhaabii

Bitaachaa [Gabree] Dhaabii/Engineering graduate; author/Bishoftu, East Shawa/Mar 27, 2016

Tarruu Unguree

Tarruu Unguree/Researcher & author; leading promoter of Gadaa revival/Bishoftu, East Shawa/Reported on Mar 27, 2016

Magarsa Qilxu

Magarsa Qilxu/Author of a book titled “Hordofa Seenaa”/Reported on Mar 22, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Lencho Fita - Whereabouts unknwon

Lencho Fita Hordofa/Political prisoner in 2014; ran for ‘Caffe’ Oromiya representing OFC party in 2015/Mar 20, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Tesfaye Chali Mulata

Tesfaye Chali Mulata/Health officer/Taken to Tolay Military Camp [From Qarsa District, East Hararghe]/Reported on Mar 16, 2016

Court freed 11 Mada Walabu University students but army refused to release them. Reported on Mar 15, 2016

1. Hinsarmu Iddoo/M/5th year/From Waliso, South West Shawa

2. Diboraa/F/4th year/From Gedo, West Shawa

3. Leellisaa Diriirsaa/M/2nd year/From Waliso, South West Shawa

4. Sisaay Ejeta/M/2nd year/From Waliso, South West Shawa

5. Chala Fiqaadu/M/3rd year/From Ambo, West Shawa

6. Bosona Daabdoo/M/5th year

7. Shaamee/M/5th year/From Hararghe

8. Qalbeessaa/M/From Ambo, West Shawa

9. Mohammed Qajeelaa

10. Fiqaadu/From North Shawa

11. Fiqiruu/From Ambo, West Shawa

10 students taken to Ma’ekelawi investigation [torture] center from Mada Walabu University. Reported on Mar 15, 2016.

1. Deebisaa Feetuu/M/5th year Law/From Ambo, West Shawa

2. Tokkummaa Mul’isaa/4th year Civil Engineering/From Ambo, West Shawa

3. Tasfaaye Baqala/M/3rd year Economics/From East Wallaga

4. Yoosef Didhaa/M/3rd year Sociology/From North Shawa

5. Dagaagaa Birhaanu/M/3rd year Mechanical Engineering/From West Wallaga

6. Deebisaa Baa’isaa/M/1st year Sport/From West Wallaga

7. Jiranus Hacaaluu/M/1st year Economics/From Ambo, West Shawa

8. Abdurhaman Adem/M/1st year Sociology/From East Hararghe

9. Naa’ol Shaamuu/M/3rd year Tourism/From Waliso, South West Shawa

10. Lataa Ahmed/M/3rd year English/From Bale

Dhaba Sori - Whereabouts unknown

Dhaba Sori/Civics teacher/Kiramu, East Wallaga/Reported on Mar 15, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Chara Nagasa - Whereabouts unknown

Chara Nagasa/Maths teacher/Kiramu, East Wallaga/Reported on Mar 15, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Lata Asafa - Whereabouts unknown

Lata Asafa/Geography teacher/Kiramu, East Wallaga/Reported on Mar 15, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Dr. Jabessa Dhaba

Jabessa Dhaba/Veterinary doctor; father [Dhaba Miressa] also in jail/Furda Town, Badano District, East Hararghe/Mar 11, 2016

20 Addis Ababa University [AAU] students are arrested [Now at Qilinto detention center] for protesting in front of the U.S. Embassy on Mar 8, 2016 – Reported by Reuters.

Totally 49 students are charged for “trying to break into a foreign embassy”. 3 are females. 29 released on bail on/before Mar 15, 2016.

June 6, 2016 appointment date The 7 out of the 20

1. Soressa Dame Tolera/M/21 years old/6 Kilo Campus

2. Guta Bayissa Hunde/M/23 years old; 2nd year/6 Kilo Campus

3. Gamachu Kabada Qano/M/19 years old/6 Kilo Campus

4. Insarmu Bogaala Danaqa/M/19 years old/6 Kilo Campus

5. Dabala Fayissa Gonfa/M/22 years old; 4th year/6 Kilo Campus

6. Ahmed Mohammed Mire/M/26 years old

7. Birhanu Badhadha Gulane/M/20 years old; 1st year/FBE Campus

8. Ijigu Qabata Ayana/M/20 years old; 2nd year

9. Gudina Tasfaye Tadala/M/20 years old; 2nd year/FBE Campus

10. Tasfaye Makonin Samme/M/21 years old/6 Kilo Campus

11. Terressa Asnaaqa Bayana/M/20 years old; 2nd year/FBE Campus

12. Mulugeta Dadi Bayana/M/20 years old

13. Alamu Olani Tasama/M/22 years old/FBE Campus

14. Bate Lammi Yami/M/20 years old; 2nd year/Technology Campus

15. Daniel Abdissa Tolcha/M/21 years old

16. Tasfaye Getu Alamu/M/22 years old/FBE Campus

17. Ishetu Dajane Xiqo/M/22 years old; 2nd year

18. Bilisuma Birhanu Ararssa/M/22 years old; 2nd year

19. Marsha Bayissa Anbassa/M/29 years old/FBE Campus

20. Shalama Gamachu Dame/M/22 years old/FBE Campus

Dr Tasfaye Abera - Whereabouts unknown

Tasfaye Abara Chala/Doctor & employee of UK based NGO called SOS/Yabello, Borana/Reported on Mar 4, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Incarcerated in the month of February 2016

12 Dire Dawa University students are not brought to court after 2 months of their arrest. Reported on Feb 16, 2016

1. Wariyo Abba Kulle/M/3rd year Political Science

2. Messele Tasfaye/M/3rd year Law

3. Mosisa Tasfaye/M/2nd year Mechanical Engineering

4. Mamo Endalu/M/1st year Pre-Engineering

5. Odaa Asfaw/M/1st year Pre-Engineering

6. Aragga Shumi/M/1st year Pre-Engineering

7. Ibsaa Kamil/M/1st year Economics

8. Tasfaye Abashu/M/1st year Economics

9. Matiwos Asfaw/M/1st year Economics

10. Araata Abadir/M/1st year Economics

11. Chala Abdissa/M/1st year Economics

12. Dhaabaa Jundii/M/3rd year Accounting

Gadaa Tolaa - Whereabouts unknown

Gadaa Tolaa/Lecturer at College of Engineering/Haromaya University/Reported on Feb 13, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Borana Ragassa/M/High school teacher/Najjo, West Wallaga/Reported on Feb 9, 2016- Whereabouts unknown

Hailu Gemeda/M/High school teacher/Najjo, West Wallaga/Reported on Feb 9, 2016- Whereabouts unknown

Ibro Shexa/M/Dogu, East Hararghe/Feb 6, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Firaol Abdela - Whereabouts unknown

Firaol Abdela/Hirna, West Hararghe/Reported on Feb 6, 2016 [Taken on Dec 7, 2015] – Whereabouts unknown

Kadir Qasho - Whereabouts unknown

Kadir Qasho/Hirna, West Hararghe/Reported on Feb 6, 2016 [Taken on Dec 12, 2015] – Whereabouts unknown

Naol Tola/M/Nurse at Shanan Gibe Hospital/Jimma/Reported on Feb 4, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Incarcerated in the month of January 2016

Lata Hordofa

Lata Hordofa/Elder/Abuna Gindabarat, West Shawa/Reported on Jan 30, 2016

Hussien Utuyu

Hussien Utuyu/OFC Party candidate; son also in jail/Zuway Dugda/Reported on Jan 30, 2016

15 Dilla University students arrested. Reported on Jan 27, 2016

1. Dereje Nagari/M/2nd year Irrigation

2. Hunde Waqtole/M/3rd year Physics

3. Dechasa Tolera/M/2nd year Agro-Economics

4. Debela Badhasa/M/2nd year History

5. Abdissa Huseen/M/2nd year Chemistry

6. Taddasa Birhanu/M/3rd year Agro-Economics

7. Tesfaye Alemu/M/1st year Computer Science

8. Abdella Fayissa/M/2nd year Chemistry

9. Israel Bulcha/M/3rd year

10. Keneni Girma/F/3rd year Psychology

11. Mootii/M/2nd year Engineering

12. Wasanu/M/3rd year Electrical Engineering

13. Boorana/M/3rd year Mechanical Engineering

14. Kisuu/M/4th year Electrical Engineering

15. Gadaa/M/3rd year Electrical Engineering

Jireenyaa Gadaa/M/Artist, singer/Jan 27, 2016 – A resistance song by the artist.

Tesfaye Liban Tolosa/M/Works for South West Shawa Zonal Special Affairs Department/Waliso, South West Shawa/Jan 24, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Fikadu Dhaba/M/High school teacher/Waliso, South West Shawa/Jan 24, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Workineh Kebede/M/Lawyer/Waliso, South West Shawa/Jan 24, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Tarre Germamsa/M/Author of Gaadii Jaalalaa book/Waliso, South West Shawa/Jan 24, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Wolde Mariam Baro/M/Works for Oromia Credit Union/Waliso, South West Shawa/Jan 24, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Dereje Tefera/M/Representative of OFC/Waliso, South West Shawa/Jan 24, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Addisu Tariku/Arjo Gudetu, East Wallaga/Jan 23, 2016 – Picture

Abduba Bule/M/Mega, Boranaa, South Oromia/Reported on Jan 21, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

Oda Asfaw

Oda Asfaw/1st year Dire Dawa University student/From Gimbi, West Wallaga/Reported on Jan 20, 2016

Birhane Fikru Mullisa

Birhane Fikru Mullisa/Dawo District, South West Shawa/Reported on Jan 20, 2016

Nesibu Abdu Wakene

Nesibu Abdu Wakene/Dire Dawa University student/Reported on Jan 14, 2016

Abdeta Betiri

Abdeta Betiri/Previous political prisoner/From Ambo, West Shawa/Jan 13, 2016

Suura Gindaba

Suura Gindaba/A student & secretary of OFC in Lalo Asabbi, West Wallaga/Jan 8, 2016

A1516_1Diyara Haji Simano

Kassim Haji & Diyara Haji/Brothers/Adaba, West Arsi/Reported on Jan 5, 2016

Teshome Merga

Teshome Merga/Civics teacher/Harbu Chulule, Sadan Soddo District, South West Shawa/Reported on Jan 3, 2016

Melaku Endale

Melaku Endale/Businessman/Sadan Soddo District, South West Shawa/Reported on Jan 3, 2016

5 Addis Ababa Science & Technology University [AASTU] students are unlawfully arrested. Reported on Jan 1, 2016 – Whereabouts unknown

1. Laggii Gurmeessaa/5th year Electrical Engineering

2. Biyyaa Xilahun/M/4th year Earth Science

3. Taarikuu Kappitaa/M/Electrical Engineering

4. Gammadaa Riqituu/M/3rd year Mining

5. Gaaddisaa Qixxaataa/M/3rd year Engineering

Incarcerated in the month of December 2015

Yerosan Bogale - Whereabouts unknown

Yerosan Bagale/History teacher & member of OFC Party/Finfinne/Dec 31, 2015

Wayu Beka/M/OFC member & previous political prisoner/Finfinne/Reported on Dec 31, 2015 – Whereabouts unknown

Wayessa Shanqo/M/2nd year university student/Dire Dawa/December 2015 – Whereabouts unknown

Yonathan T. Regassa

Yonatan Tesfaye Regassa/Former PR of Semayawi [Blue] Party/Finfinne/Dec 29, 2015

Click here to follow his trial.

Lenjisa Ragassa - Whereabouts unknown

Lenjisa Ragassa/From Olankomi, Dandi District, West Shawa [Taken from Piassa, Finfinne]/Dec 28, 2015 – Whereabouts unknown

Abdulwahab Jamal

Abdulwahab Jamal/Gindhir Town, Bale/Dec 26, 2015 – Whereabouts unknown

Dagabas Waqoyya

Dagabas Waqoyya/OFC Party representative in Horo Gudru, Jimma Ganati, Harato Town/Reported on Dec 26, 2015

Magarsa Qana'a

Magarsa Qana’a/Owner of a small business/Waliso, South West Shawa/Reported on Dec 26, 2015 – Whereabouts unknown

Qananisa Raggassa

Qananisa Raggassa/4th year Engineering student/Ambo University/Reported on Dec 25, 2015


Getachew Shiferaw/Editor-in-chief of ‘Negere Ethiopia’ online newspaper of Semayawi [Blue] Party/Addis Ababa/Dec 25, 2015 – Reported by CPJ

Unrelated to #OromoProtests.

Desta Dinka

Desta Dinka/Chairman of OFC Youth League & ‘Madrak’/Finfinne/Dec 25, 2015

Alamu Abdissa/M/Auditor of OFC/Finfinne/Dec 24, 2015

The 22 Oromo Federalist Congress [OFC] party leadership and representatives who are arbitrarily arrested & charged with “terrorism” are listed below. Click here to follow their trial. Reported by Reuters.

1. Gurmessa Ayana/M/Deputy Chairman of OFC Youth League/Burayu, Oromia Special Zone/Dec 24, 2015

2. Dajane Tafa/Dep. Sec. Gen. of OFC party/Burayu, Oromia Special Zone/Dec 24, 2015 – Picture below.

3. Addisu Bulala/PR for OFC Youth League/Nifas Silk-Lafto, Finfinne/Dec 24, 2015 – Picture below

4. Baqala Garba/Deputy Chairman of OFC party/Adama, East Shawa/Dec 24, 2015 – Picture below

5. Abdata Nagassa/M/Technician at Ethiopian Airlines/Gulale, Finfinne

6. Galana Nagara/M/Burayu, Oromia Special Zone

7. Chimssa [Dajane] Abdissa/M/Burayu, Oromia Special Zone

8. Getu Girma/M/Sululta, Oromia Special Zone

9. Firaol Tola/M/Jimma Town, Jimma Zone

10. Getachaw Daraja/M/Ejare, East Shawa

11. Bayana Ruda/M/Teacher/Ambo, West Shawa

12. Tasfaye Liban/M/Teacher/Waliso, South West Shawa

13. Ashabir Dasalagn/M/Ambo, West Shawa – Picture below

14. Daraja Marga/M/Head of Party Affairs of OFC Youth League; teacher/Yakaa, Finfinne/Dec 24, 2015

15. Yasuf Alamaayahu/M/Adama, Qelam Wallaga

16. Hikaa Taklu/M/Adama, Qelam Wallaga

17. Gamachu [Dekama] Shanqo/M/Teacher/Taji, Malgi Walal, Qelam Wallaga

18. Magarssa Asfaw/M/Technician at Ethiopian Airlines/Arada, Finfinne

19. Lami Edato/M/Lakukata, Burayu, Oromia Special Zone

20. Abdi Tamirat/M/Private business owner/Burayu, Oromia Special Zone

21. Abdissa Kumassa/M/Nifas Silk-Lafto, Finfinne

22. Halkano Qonchora/M/Moyale, Kenya

Dajane Tafa
Dajane Tafa
Addisu Bulala
Addisu Bulala
Baqala Garba
Baqala Garba
Ashabir Dasalagn – His brother [Endala] killed in 2014
Ashabir Dasalagn – His brother [Endala] killed in 2014

Abasena Lami

Abasena Lami/Well known elder & teacher/Waliso, South West Shawa/Dec 24, 2015 – Whereabouts unknown

Chala Dhiyessa Fita

Chala Dhiyessa Fita/Lecturer at Ambo University/Dec 23, 2015

Aliyi Kassa - Whereabouts unknown

Aliyi Kassa Guye/History teacher/Bantu, South West Shawa/Dec 19, 2015 – Whereabouts unknown

Bati Mussa - Whereabouts unknown

Bati Mussa/OFC representative in Beeltu, Bale/Dec 19, 2015 – Whereabouts unknown

Fikadu Mirkana_18 Dec 15

Fikadu Mirkana/Journalist at Oromiya Radio & TV/Finfinne/Dec 18, 2015 – Reported by CPJ

Released after detained at Ma’ekelawi investigation [torture] center for 5 months.

Hailu Adugna

Hailu Adugna/Lecturer at Haromaya University/Haromaya/December, 2015

Adde Diribe Erga

Adde Diribe Erga/OFC party representative/Ambo, West Shawa/Dec 18, 2015

Ebissa Malka

Ebissa Malka/Visitor of political prisoners/Finfinne/Dec 11, 2015

Chaltu Nigussie

Chaltu Nigussie/Visitor of political prisoners/Finfinne/Dec 11, 2015

Incarcerated in the year 2014


Ababa Urgessso/2nd year Civil Engineering student at Haromaya University/Detained since May 2014


Magarssaa Warku/5th year Law student at Haromaya University/Detained since May 2014

Court set him free on August 19, 2016. However, he was re-arrested just as he left prison even before he could greet his family awaiting him outside.


Adugna Kesso/4th year Engineering student at Adama University/Detained since May 2014


Bilisummaa Damanaa/3rd year Accounting student at Adama University/Detained since May 2014


Tashaala Baqala/Public Health student at Jimma University/Detained during the 2014 #OromoProtests – Released on bail

Baqala Garba

Baqala Garba/Previously incarcerated from August  27, 2011 – March 31, 2015. Arrested again on December 24, 2015 [See above].

Amnesty International – Ethiopian opposition leaders detained after meeting with Amnesty International

“Two Ethiopian opposition leaders have been arrested after meeting an Amnesty International delegation, which was afterwards expelled from the country, the organization said today. “

Addis Standard – Prominent opposition figure Bekele Gerba freed from Ethiopian jail

* This post will be updated when we learn reports of release or incarceration.

Author: Admin

This website is launched in order to memorialize the victims of State violence in Ethiopia. We seek to show the tip of the iceberg of the victims of violence inflicted by the Ethiopian government on its own citizens in general and the Oromo people in particular.

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