Oromo Protests: 2016 Highlights

December 31, 2016

OPride – OPride’s Oromo Person of the Year 2016: The Qubee Generation

December 30, 2016

Al Jazeera – The Defining moments of 2016 [#OromoProtests is one of them]

Addis Standard – Memoirs of my detention at Awash 7: tales of indoctrination, of laughter and the unknown

December 29, 2016

Addis Standard – News: Dr. Merera Gudina of the opposition OFC facing potential charges of terrorism

December 28, 2016

BBC – Africa’s top hashtags of 2016 [#OromoProtests & #AmharaProtests are among the top]

December 22, 2016

Addis Standard – Yadessa Bojia: On art and activism -“Where there is pain there is a loud noise”

The Guardian – Ethnic tensions in Gondar reflect the toxic nature of Ethiopian politics

December 21, 2016

HRW – The Year in Human Rights Videos

“When we pieced together cell phone footage showing the deaths of peaceful protesters in Ethiopia, it became by far our most-watched video this year – both in English and Amharic.”

Huffington Post – Athletes Who Inspired Off The Field In 2016 [Feyisa Lilesa is one of them]

December 16, 2016

Africa News – AU expresses concern about upcoming Summit in restive Ethiopia

December 14, 2016

Amnesty International – Ethiopia Offline: Evidence of Social Media Blocking and Internet Censorship in Ethiopia

Africa News – Ethiopia: Top US official arrives for broad-based rights and political dialogue

OPride – Ethiopia holding Oromo opposition leader, Merera Gudina, in solitary confinement

The New York Times – Human Rights Groups to Ethiopia: Where Is Jailed Journalist?

December 13, 2016

Amnesty International – Ethiopia: Social media and news websites blocked by government to prevent protests

Foreign Policy – Global Thinkers 2016: Feyisa Lilesa

Africa News – Ethiopia’s Olympic protest athlete listed in FP’s 2016 Top 100 global thinkers

AFK Insider – Do Ethiopia’s Oromo People Have A Better Alternative For Modern Democracy?

Defend Defenders – Ethiopia: detained journalist missing, denied access to family and medical care

December 12, 2016

US Department of State – Assistant Secretary Malinowski Travels to Ethiopia

OPride – Here is why nonviolent resistance is a no-brainer for the Oromo struggle

December 11, 2016

RDH – The Movement Documentary Film 2016

December 3, 2016

Financial Times – Discontent grows louder in Ethiopia as regime fights for survival

December 2, 2016

EurActiv.com – Commission to Ethiopia: ‘start addressing legitimate grievances of your people’

European Commission – Press briefing

US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – U.S. Senator Cardin Statement on Arrest of Dr. Merera Gudina in Ethiopia

December 1, 2016

Amnesty International – Ethiopia: Arrest of opposition leader an outrageous assault on freedom of expression

Addis Standard – News: Ethiopia security detain prominent opposition party leader Dr. Merera Gudina

OPride – Merera Gudina’s arrest signals end of Oromo opposition in Ethiopia

BBC – Ethiopia’s Merera Gudina detained after trip to Europe

Al Jazeera – Ethiopia: Oromo opposition leader arrested

VOA – Ethiopia Opposition Leader from Restive Region Arrested

Newsweek – Ethiopia: Oromo Politician Arrested After Speaking to European Parliament

Ana Gomes – Detention of Dr Merera Gudina in Ethiopia

November 30, 2016

UNESCO – Gada system, an indigenous democratic socio-political system of the Oromo

November 28, 2016

OMN – Ezekeil Gebissa In Conversation With Rene Lefort On His Latest Article On Political Crisis In Ethiopia

November 25, 2016

Africa Times – #Oromo news network in U.S. works to defeat Ethiopia’s media blackout

November 24, 2016

BBC – Why is the Ethiopian diaspora so influential?

Addis  Standard – News: Ethiopia charges 38 over prison fire, charge contradicts earlier government account

November 22, 2016

Australian MP Andrew Wilkie – addresses the parliament about the plight of Oromo people

November 19, 2016

Open Democracy – Ethiopia’s Crisis

November 16, 2016

BBC – BBC World Service announces biggest expansion ‘since the 1940s’

Addis Standard – News: Bekele Gerba et al –Federal court overrules prosecutor’s request for closed witness hearing

CPJ – Ethiopian newspaper editor, bloggers caught in worsening crackdown

November 11, 2016

Addis Standard – News: Ethiopian security re-arrest rights activist, zone9 blogger Befeqadu Hailu

Addis Standard – News: Upon incomplete witnesses and absent defendants Ethiopia Federal Court adjourned case on Bekele Gerba, co-defendants until Tuesday

Addis Standard – News: Inquiry board says 11, 607 people detained after Ethiopia declared State of Emergency

November 10, 2016

HRW – Ethiopian Protests

Military Technologies – Olympic dissident: Ethiopia could ‘become another Libya’

November 9, 2016

Amnesty International – Ethiopia: After a year of protests, time to address grave human rights concerns

HRW – Will Ethiopia’s Year-Long Crackdown End?

November 8, 2016

Addis Standard – Addis Standard Special Edition on #IrreechaMassacre in pdf

November 7, 2016

Foreign Affairs – Is Twitter Hurting Ethiopia?

Addis Standard – The big debate – Beyond assimilation and accommodation: The resurgence of Oromo nationalism

HRW – Australia: Protests Prompt Ethiopia Reprisals

HRW – Unjustly jailed [Eskinder Nega, Ethiopia]

November 6, 2016

Today – Dlamini-Zuma calls for ‘intense dialogue’ in crisis-hit Ethiopia

November 4, 2016

HRW – Open Letter to the Government of Ethiopia

Daily News – The loneliness of the long-distance runner: A former NYC Marathon champion–turned cabbie struggles to get his family out of strife-ridden Ethiopia

All Things Considered – Global Journalist: Ethiopia’s State of Emergency

BuzzFeed News – One Of The World’s Best Long Distance Runners Is Now Running For His Life

November 3, 2016

IB Times – Jawar Mohammed: This is why Oromo people don’t care about cabinet reshuffle

IB Times – Oromia Media Network executive Jawar Mohammed believes Ethiopia wants him dead

November 2, 2016

The Washington Post – Investors shy away from Ethiopia in the wake of violent protests

Relief Web – Ethiopia on the brink? Politics and protest in the Horn of Africa

Addis Standard [Analysis] – Why Ethiopia’s freewheeling regime does need a State of Emergency?

November 1, 2016

Africa News – Ethiopia reshuffles government, two Oromos occupy key positions

October 31, 2016

HRW – Ethiopia: State of Emergency Risks New Abuses

Newsweek – Ethiopia ‘Releases 2,000 Detainees’ Held Under State of Emergency

CBC News – Protesters on Parliament Hill today held a rally to support the Oromo people of Ethiopia

Africa News – Ethiopia’s political crisis: Norway worried, calls for participatory politics

Africa News – Ethiopia state of emergency rules largely flouts international law – HRW

The Conversation – Ethiopia’s state of emergency: both sides are determined to fight to the finish

Devex – Ethiopia’s state of emergency silences aid workers — and some of their work

Capital News – Without reform Ethiopia risks a deepening crisis

October 30, 2016

HRW – Legal Analysis of Ethiopia’s State of Emergency

October 29, 2016

VOA – Ethiopian Unrest Hits Country’s Tourism Industry

October 28, 2016

The Hill – As Ethiopia heads toward crisis, Congress must act

UN Dispatch – An American Ally … Where Listening to Voice of America Was Just Banned?

VOA –  Rights Activists in Ethiopia Report Obstacles at Every Turn

The Telegraph – Tour operators cancel holidays as unrest tightens grip on Ethiopia

October 27, 2016

Rogue Chiefs – Kenya Gains From Ethiopia’s ‘Tech Refugees’ As Addis Ababa Continues Squeeze On The Internet

October 26, 2016

VOA – Ethiopia Rules Out Early Elections to Address Unrest

The Guardian – Ethiopia vows to protect European companies after farms attacked

October 25, 2016

The New York Times – Ethiopian Magazine Stops Publication Amid State of Emergency

CCTV Africa – Ethiopia unhappy with US travel ban

IB Times – Ethiopia state of emergency ‘could further inflame issues’ at the heart of Oromo protests

Quartz – The diaspora media movement shaping the coverage of Ethiopia’s protests

FT – Ethiopian unrest triggers collapse in tourism

October 24, 2016

Australian Government – Travel Advice

Reuters – Ethiopians who fled over land rights now face eviction from Calais “Jungle”

Africa News – Ethiopia unrest fueled by HRW and opposition in diaspora – Foreign Affairs chief

CPJ – Ethiopia’s state of emergency cuts lines of communication and puts bloggers at risk of arrest

Green Left – Ethiopia: Popular resistance takes on corporate destruction and repression

October 22, 2016

Daily Mail – Dutch farmer on Ethiopia violence: ‘I was terribly scared’

ABC – Perth Ethiopians protest against government crackdown

October 21, 2016

Reuters – U.S. citizens urged to defer travel to Ethiopia: State Department

Africa News – Ethiopia state of emergency affecting work of US embassy

VOA – Ethiopia Using Emergency Law to Quash Protest Movement

Vice News – Ethiopia’s massive protests are getting desperate – and dangerous

October 20, 2016

BBC – Ethiopia ‘detains 1,600’ under state of emergency

Mail & Guardian Africa – #OromoProtests: An African salute to fight continued marginalisation and suppression

Nazret.Com – The Oromo Leadership Convention and the Future of Ethiopia

Cosumnes Connection – Ethiopia’s state of emergency: Angela Merkel urges protests to be allowed

Addis Standard – News: Ethiopia’s State of Emergency Command Post claims sweeping success in just three days

The Huffington Post – What Is Going On In Ethiopia?

October 19, 2016

OPride [Opinion] – Ethiopia’s global political patronage deepening domestic political crisis

Democracy Works – An African salute and the protests shaking a nation

Quartz – Internet shutdown could cost Ethiopia’s booming economy millions of dollars

 Bloomberg – Amnesty Sees Ethiopia Unrest Worsening on Emergency Measures

Yadesa Bojia – How Ethiopia’s State of Emergency affects Universal Declaration of Human Rights

October 18, 2016

CNN – Ethiopia’s list of banned activities

Amnesty International – Ethiopia: Draconian measures will escalate the deepening crisis

DW – New Ethiopian clampdown

Chatam House – Ethiopian Politics Beyond the Vanguard?

The Independent – Ethiopians face five years in jail for posting on Facebook as ‘state of emergency’ rules set in

Quartz – One of the world’s most important diplomatic hubs is restricting the movement of diplomats

Ventures – Why the ‘planned’ human rights violation in Ethiopia should be a global concern

October 17, 2016

The New York Times – ‘Africa Rising’? ‘Africa Reeling’ May Be More Fitting Now

BBC – Seven things banned under Ethiopia’s state of emergency

Yahoo – Ethiopia limits diplomats’ movements, media access

NDP – NDP statement on situation in Ethiopia

Fox News – UN chief urges Ethiopia to protect rights during emergency

Quartz – Posting on Facebook is now a crime under Ethiopia’s state of emergency

IB Times – Mass arrests in Ethiopia’s Oromia region days after state of emergency declared

The Globalist – Ethiopia: From Role Model to Cautionary Tale

October 15, 2016

AfricaNews – EU chief tasks Ethiopian PM to initiate inclusive political dialogue quickly

October 14, 2016

Huff Post – Ethiopia’s Best Now Run For Canada And For Matthew House

OPride – Ethiopia’s alarming trend of state terrorism should rattle everyone

Jurist – UN urges Ethiopia to end violence against peaceful protesters

DW – My picture of the week | State of emergency in Ethiopia – a license to oppression

Nazret.com – Ethiopian veg exports halted after farms attacked

October 13, 2016

The Economist – Ethiopia cracks down on protest

Jacobin – Lelisa’s Message

CBC Radio – Ethiopia using state of emergency to target opposition, says critic

Pen Center USA – Ethiopia: release prominent blogger Seyoum Teshome

October 12, 2016

US Department of State – On Ethiopia’s Declared State of Emergency

Government of Canada – Canada urges restraint and respect for human rights in Ethiopia

European Parliament News – MEPs denounce worsening human rights situation in Ethiopia

HRW – Human Rights Watch Statement to the European Parliament

OPride – Ethiopia’s state of emergency could trigger civil war and food shortage

VOA – Foreign-owned Enterprises Targeted in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region

Newsweek – Ethiopian PM Bows to Merkel Pressure over Electoral Reforms

The Guardian [Opinion] – Ethiopia is in a state of emergency. The tyrannical government must go

The National Interest – Ethiopia Opens a Pandora’s Box of Ethnic Tensions

IHS Jane’s 360 – Ethiopia’s proposed electoral reforms and limited amendments to environment, land, and labour laws unlikely to satisfy protesters

October 11, 2016

CNN [Video] – Why is Ethiopia in a state of emergency?

The Washington Post – Ethiopia meets protests with bullets

Daily Mail – Merkel signals support for Ethiopia’s protesters in visit

Los Angeles Times – Foreign businesses are torched in protests, and Ethiopia is in a state of emergency

HRW – Anger Boiling Over in Ethiopia

Addis Standard [Opinion] – Sharon Gray was killed to frame-up legitimate protests

San Francisco Chronicle – AP EXPLAINS: Why Ethiopia is under a state of emergency

Al Jazeera [Video] – Inside Story: What’s fuelling protests in Ethiopia?

Global Voices – Ethiopian Authorities Shut Down Mobile Internet and Major Social Media Sites

October 10, 2016

The Wall Street Journal – Ethiopia Investors Warily Eye Ethiopia Crackdown

The Washington Post – Ethiopia imposes state of emergency as unrest intensifies

Bloomberg – Ethiopia Losing Foreign-Investment Appeal as Attacks Spread

IB Times – Oromo protests: What you need to know about state of emergency in Ethiopia

UN Human Rights Commission – Ethiopia: UN experts call for international commission to help investigate systematic violence against protesters

UN News Centre – UN experts call on Ethiopia to allow international panel to help probe violence against protesters

Yahoo News – UN rights experts urge inquiry into Ethiopia’s crackdown on unrest

Quartz – Under Ethiopia’s state of emergency, the Oromo protest gesture may be officially banned

October 9, 2016

The Washington Post – Ethiopia declares state of emergency to stop protests

Financial Times – Ethiopia declares state of emergency after anti-government protests

Addis Standard – Breaking: Amidst intensive public protests Ethiopia declares state of emergency

NPR – Ethiopia Declares Emergency, After New Outburst Of Protests And Violence

BBC – Ethiopia declares state of emergency amid protests

The New York Times – Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency to Stop Protests

Al Jazeera – Ethiopia declares state of emergency over protests

Al Jazeera [Video] – Mohammed Ademo on the state of emergency

Reuters – Ethiopia declares state of emergency to restore order after protests

CNN – Ethiopia declares state of emergency after months of protests

October 8, 2016

Human Rights Watch – Germany: Merkel Should Press Rights on Africa Trip

Human Rights Watch – Ethiopia: Independent Inquiry Needed on Irreecha

Human Rights Watch – Q&A: Recent Events and Deaths at the IrreechaFestival in Ethiopia

Reuters – Ethiopian protesters attack factories in Africa’s rising economic star

October 7, 2016

BBC – Are Ethiopian protests a game changer?

Financial Times – Ethiopia stumbles along the road to reform

African Arguments – Ethiopia: How popular uprising became the only option

UN Human Rights – Press briefing note on Ethiopia and Guatemala

OPride – The Irreecha massacre explained: The who, what, where and why

October 6, 2016

Reuters – Israel Chemicals ends potash project in Ethiopia

EU Observer – EU needs new approach on Ethiopia

Financial Times – Ethiopian protesters ramp up attacks on foreign companies

Yadesa Bojia – Riot is the Language of the Unheard: MLK

Al Jazeera – Oromo protests: Ethiopia unrest resurges after stampede

IB Times – US embassy acknowledges anger of Oromo people as anti-government protests continue

October 4, 2016

Oakland Institute – After Irreechaa Tragedy, the US Must Take Action for Human Rights in Ethiopia

IB Times – Oromo protests: Blogger Seyoum Teshome arrested as Nigerian factory and police station attacked

France 24 [The Observers] – Oromo eyewitness shares harrowing account of violence in Ethiopia

October 3, 2016

CNN – At least 52 dead in Ethiopia after stampede at Oromo holy festival

Freedom House – Ethiopia: More than 150 Dead after Security Forces Fire into Crowd

Al Jazeera – Ethiopia declares official mourning after stampede

Daily Nation – 40 Oromos arrested for holding ‘illegal’ meeting in Nairobi

CPJ – Police arrest prominent Ethiopian blogger

The World Weekly – Anti-government protests in Ethiopia are stained with blood

IRIN – Is Ethiopia unravelling?

October 2, 2016

Arise News [Video] – Dr Awol Kassim on #IrreechaMassacre

OPride – The Irreecha massacre: Hundreds feared dead in Bishoftu

Financial Times – Dozens feared dead in Ethiopia after anti-government protests

BBC [Video] – Oromia: Stampede at Ethiopia protest leaves 52 dead

Al Jazeera [Video] – Ethiopia: ‘Dozens’ killed in Oromia festival stampede

The Guardian – Ethiopia: many dead in anti-government protest at religious festival

Washington Post – 52 confirmed dead in stampede at Ethiopia religious event

France 24 – Dozens killed in stampede at Ethiopian religious festival

Africa News – Oromia festival disrupted as Ethiopian police fire teargas to disperse protesters

September 30, 2016

BBC – American broadcasts to Ethiopia jammed

Lima Charlie – Ethiopia Human Rights Abuses Spark U.S. Congressional Action

September 28, 2016

Addis Standard – Ethiopia’s gradual journey to the verge of crisis

September 27 ,2016

African Arguments – “The blood flowing in Oromia is our blood too”: Why Oromo-Amhara solidarity is the greatest threat to the Ethiopian government

Ogaden Net – 13 Ethiopian Soldiers killed in a heavy fighting between ONLF and Ethiopian soldiers

Addis Standard – Letter to the Editor: Why Dr. Tedros Adhanom should not lead the World Health Organization

The Daily Signal – More Economic Freedom Could Mean Less Civil Strife in Ethiopia

Risk Advisory – Ethiopia | Assessment of government stability amid ongoing protests

September 26, 2016

Oakland Institute – Miracle or Mirage? Manufacturing Hunger and Poverty in Ethiopia

QC Online – Ethiopian Guangul makes powerful gesture in 4-peat

Addis Standard – Editorial: The government is harvesting what it sowed; now it must acknowledge it!

Independent – Ethiopian soap star and ’household name’ Zenah-Bezu Tsegaye flees to seek asylum in US

BBC – Ethiopian actor in US asylum bid

September 23, 2016

VOA – U.S. Concern Over Ethiopia

Cultural Survival – Human Rights of Ethiopia’s Oromo People Brought to Light in Rio

Foreign Policy – Ethiopian Olympian: Prime Minister’s Claims I Was Coerced into Protest Are ‘False and Insulting’

Minn Post – A drowing Oromo community struggles for visibility in Minnesota

Dissident Voices – Ethiopians are crying out for Freedom and Justice

AFK Insider – U.S.-Based Flower Firm Leaves Ethiopia After Protesters Attack Farm

Gripped Publishing – 2016 Berlin Marathon: Kenenisa Bekele on the Oromo protests

September 22, 2016

Mail & Guardian – Ethiopian Prime Minister blames US-based government dissenters for protests

September 21, 2016

FloTrack – Speak Out Or Die: Feyisa Lilesa Can’t Quit Fighting Ethiopian Government

UN News Centre – Ethiopian leader at UN Assembly decries use of social media to spread messages of hate and bigotry

MPR News – With future uncertain, Oromo Olympian visits Minnesota

September 19, 2016

Running Magazine – Winner of Mississauga CanKen 5K race protests in support of Ethiopia’s Oromo people

OPride – Ethiopia’s ruling party calls its malady by many names, but what exactly is ailing EPRDF?

BBC – Ethiopian ‘apology over textbook blunders’

Star Tribune – Oromo Olympian draws big crowd at his Minneapolis appearance

September 17, 2016

Quartz – A life of discrimination and fear led an Ethiopian marathoner to protest on the world stage

September 16, 2016

African Arguments – Behind the Ethiopian protests: A view from inside the government

Addis Standard – #OromoProtests: The “Oromo street” and Africa’s counter-protest state

September 15, 2016

CNN Connect The World – Ethiopian Olympian fears for his life

VOA – Feyisa Lilesa with VOA

The Globe and Mail – Ottawa must speak out on Ethiopian crackdown

How Africa – “I want the superiority of one ethnic group to end” – Ethiopia’s Olympic Silver medallist Feyisa Lilesa talks to Al Jazeera

Anthony Byrne – Spoke in Federal Parliament today about the ongoing oppression of the Oromo Peoples

Global Diligence – Land grabbers may end up in The Hague: Global Diligence welcomes the ICC Prosecutor’s new case selection policy

Oakland Institute – Ethiopia: The Time for Change is Now!

September 14, 2016

CNN – Olympic runner Feyisa Lilesa: ‘I will be killed if I go back to Ethiopia’

The Nation – Sports, Protest, and Risking Your Life: Interview With 2016 Olympic Medalist and Protester Feyisa Lilesa

Addis Standard – Opinion: The Qilinto Massacre: the truth shall be revealed

Sports Illustrated – Ethiopian marathoner Feyisa Lilesa arrives in U.S. with hope despite exile

The Trumpet – Ethiopia on the Brink?

Africa 54 – Ethiopian runner and Olympic silver medalist, Feyisa Lilesa worries that his country could be dragged into a civil war.

September 13, 2016

Amnesty International – Coalition of NGO and Diaspora Groups Support Ethiopia Human Rights Resolution

The Washington Post – Feyisa Lilesa, silver medalist marathoner, is afraid to return to Ethiopia

The Wahington Post [Opinions] – Olympian Feyisa Lilesa: From Rio to America, I will keep fighting Ethiopia’s oppression

The New York Times – Ethiopian Marathoner Planned His Defiant Gesture

Foreign Policy – Congressmen point to protesting Ethiopian Olympic runner as victim in fight for freedom

Reuters – Ethiopian runner who made protest gesture in Rio wants to stay in U.S

The Guardian – Feyisa Lilesa: being an athlete allowed me to be the voice of my people

Fox Sports – Ethiopian marathoner remains in US on visa after protest

Al Jazeera – Feyisa Lilesa: ‘I am not seeking asylum in the US’

EurActiv.com – Ethiopia blames ‘outside forces’ for protest death toll

Yahoo Sports – Olympic runner yearns for peace, fears bloodletting in Ethiopia

Quartz – Defiant marathoner Feyisa Lilesa has taken Ethiopia’s protests to the United States

VOA – Critics Skeptical that Prisoner Release Signals Change in Ethiopia

Global Observatory – Ethiopia’s Unrest Sparked by Unequal Development Record

September 12, 2016

Congress [Resolution] –Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governancein Ethiopia.

BBC – Ethiopian Para-Olympian makes anti-government gesture

Newsweek – Ethiopian Para-Olympic Medalist Backs Oromo Protests

Independent – Ethiopian Paralympic athlete Tamiru Demisse in new finishing line protest against oppressive regime

News Deeply – In Egypt, Oromo Asylum Seekers Desperate Enough to Self-Immolate

The Guardian – Ethiopian Paralympian makes protest gesture on finish line – video

September 11, 2016

Daily Nation [AFP] – No joy in Ethiopia region even as New Year fete approaches

CCTV – Ethiopia’s new year sees hike in prices of basic commodities

September 9, 2016

Open Democracy – The ‘Ethiopian Spring’: “Killing is not an answer to our grievances”

Daily Mail – Unrest mars Ethiopia’s New Year, Eid parties

Addis Standard – Opinion: Human rights, development and American credibility in Ethiopia

Addis Standard – Editorial: Justice should prevail for wrongly jailed innocent Ethiopians!

Eurasia Review – Perfect Storm In Ethiopia: Big Government Controlled By Small Group – Analysis

BBC – Feyisa Lilesa: Ethiopian protest runner lands in the US

Newsweek – Ethiopian Olympian Feyisa Lilesa Arrives in the U.S.

ACLED – Ethiopia: September 2016 Update

Standplaats Wereld – Stable instability: renewed turmoil in Ethiopia (part 1)

September 8, 2016

HRW – Joint letter to UN Human Rights Council on Ethiopia

ABC News – Groups Urge UN Human Rights Council Over Ethiopia Protests

OPride – Qilinto prison fire reignites one long suppressed in me: My message to inmates’ families

BBC – Protests at Ethiopian embassies in London and Stockholm

okayafrica – Protesters Barge into Ethiopian Embassies in London & Stockholm

September 7, 2016

BBC – Ethiopian singers cancel New Year concerts

Democracy Now! – Ethiopia: 23 Die in Disputed Circumstances at Addis Ababa Prison

EurActiv.com – No Emergency Trust Fund money goes to Ethiopian government, Commission stresses

African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights – Press Statement of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Human Rights Situation in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Standard Digital – HONOUR: Ethiopian rejects hoisting of flag in South Korea despite winning gold

September 6, 2016

BBC – Ethiopia opposition group wants to know fate of imprisoned leaders

Reuters – Ethiopian activists demand news of jailed leaders after fire guts prison

Independent – Kilinto fire: Ethiopian government accused of gunning down political prisoners as they flee burning jail

Mail & Guardian Africa – Political, financial interests silence global condemnation of Ethiopian injustices

OAKLAND INSTITUTE – Growing Protests Bring Ethiopia to the Tipping Point

Representative Karen Bass – Rep. Bass’ Statement on the Qilinto Prison

Quartz – Ethiopia’s political protests are escalating with a fire at a major prison

Dissident Voice – Where does Trudeau stand on Ethiopian repression?

DutchNews.nl – Dutch flower importer closes down after attack in Ethiopia

rabble.ca – Ottawa should take the recent protests by Ethiopian Canadians seriously

The Jerusalem Post – Ethiopia lacks a model of leadership

September 5, 2016

New York Times – US Says ‘Excessive Use of Force’ Against Ethiopia Protesters

BBC – Ethiopia fire kills 23 at prison ‘holding Oromo protesters’

Addis Standard – Qilinto fire: Eyewitness – “They were indiscriminately shooting at prisoners”

VOA – No Information for Detainees’ Relatives After Ethiopian Prison Fire

CBC Radio – Ethiopian marathoner Feyisa Lilesa says going home ‘means suicide’ after Olympic political protest

September 4, 2016

Qeerroo – Partial list of people killed on grand #OromoProtests day [August 6, 2016]

The East African Journal News – Ethiopian Government shoots and burns down political prisoners

Al Jazeera – Ethiopia protests: Fire and gunshots reported at jail

Quartz – Clenched fists, crossed arms and shaved heads: Africa’s evolving symbols of protest

Horn Spiegel – Ethiopia Swamping in a Political Rife

September 3, 2016

Jurist – Ethiopia opposition leader demands release of all political prisoners

Al Jazeera – Ethiopia protests: Opposition wants prisoners freed

September 2, 2016

The Globe and Mail – Ottawa urged to advocate for human rights in Ethiopia

BBC – Ethiopia protests: African Union calls for restraint

Al Jazeera – ‘Foreign firms attacked’ as Ethiopia protests continue

September 1, 2016

Washington Post – Ethiopia anti-government protesters set flower farms ablaze

Michael’s Blog – Statement by the Union of Oromo Gadaa Councils on Current Affairs in Oromia

Addis Standard – Death toll, tension rise following PM Hailemariam’s orders for military to take measures in Amhara Region

Bloomberg – Dutch, Israeli Farms in Ethiopia Attacked by Protesters

August 31, 2016

The Hill – Human rights abuses in Ethiopia require congressional action

Michael’s Blog – Call for Boycotts [Political prisoners from Kilinto]

August 30, 2016

TRT World – The Newsmakers: Ethiopia’s Oromo People … [Prof. Ezekiel speaks]

WPR – Ethiopia’s Regime Prioritizes Power Over Reform as Ethnic Protests Continue

Amnesty International – Ethiopia: Civil society groups urge international investigation into ongoing human rights violations

Defend Defenders – Ethiopia: Civil society groups urge international investigation into ongoing human rights violations

University of Pretoria [Center for Human Rights] – Press Statement: Centre for Human Rights releases a second press statement calling on Ethiopia, the African Union and the United Nations human rights monitoring mechanisms to take steps regarding the gross human rights abuses in Ethiopia

Diaspora Action Australia – United Nations Grants Oromia Support Group Australia the UN Special Consultative Status

August 29, 2016

Activists – A Call for Boycot Measures

Amnesty International – Feyisa Lilesa sheds light on abuses in Ethiopia

Foreign Affairs – Behind the Violence in Ethiopia

Financial Times – Ethiopia has to loosen its grip on the economy

VOA – Ethiopians Shave Heads to Mourn Fallen in Oromia, Amhara

BBC – Second marathon runner from Ethiopia makes protest sign

August 28, 2016

Running Magazine – Quebec City Marathon winner replicates Olympic medallist’s political protest

OPride – Oromo will be seen and heard – signed Feyisa Lilesa

August 27, 2016

OPride [Video] – Protests at a point of no return

France 24 [Video] – Ethiopian marathoner in Olympic protest

GoFundMe – Nuho Gobena’s Medical Fund

The Irish Times – The Question: Can the Olympics ever be apolitical?

August 26, 2016

Reuters – Running from Ethiopia: The Oromo Exodus

OPride [Video] – 3 day mourning [Called by Bekele Gerba & other political prisoners]

DW – My Picture of the Week – Symbol of protest in Rio

The Kojo Show – Olympic Marathon Medalist Faces Persecution In Ethiopia – And He’s Not The Only One

CBC [Audio] – Speaks about Feyisa Lilesa’s power gesture of resistance at Rio Olympic

Africa Confidential – Cooperation between Amhara and Oromo oppositionists presents the government with one of its most serious challenges in 20 years


Ventures –  Ethiopia’s thin line between praise and persecution

The Irish Times – The Question: Can the Olympics ever be apolitical?

August 25, 2016

CNN – Feyisa Lelisa’s Olympic gesture is an appeal to global public conscience

BBC – Ethiopia protest Olympian ‘will not lose medal’

BBC – Ethiopia protest Olympian ‘overwhelmed by support’

Reuters [Documentary Video] – EDITORS’ PICKS: What’s Behind Ethiopia’s Unrest?

Reuters – Olympics marathon medalist’s protest shines spotlight on unrest in Ethiopia

Reuters – Ethiopian marathon medalist stays put in Rio, vows to fight for land rights

Video – Editor’s Picks: Ethiopian Olympian’s family warn against return

DW – Feyisa Lilesa: ‘Athletes need to speak out’

AFK Insider – Rio Olympics: Crowdfunding Campaign For Ethiopian Runner Lilesa Raises $130,000

Democracy Now – Ethiopian Silver Medalist Who Staged Olympic Protest Fears Returning Home

Democracy Now – Video

MinnPost – Why an Olympic runner’s simple gesture meant so much in Minnesota

August 24, 2016

OMN – የቂሊንጦ ደብዳቤ: ብሄራዊ የሀዘን ቀን ጥሪ ከነሃሴ 19 – 21 2008ዓ/ም

Amnesty International – Help Release Asylum Seekers, Refugees at Risk of Deportation (Djibouti: UA 195/16)

The Guardian – Olympic medallist Feyisa Lilesa’s gesture was a plea for justice for his people

ABC News – Olympic Marathoner Who Defied Ethiopian Government at the Finish Line Hasn’t Returned Home

AJ+ English – Ethiopian Runner’s Anti-Govt Gesture

Africa News – Streets deserted during renewed protests in some Ethiopian cities

Africa News – Ethiopian delegation returns from Rio without marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa

Yadesa Bojia – It is time to report the truth about Ethiopia!

Newsweek – Ethiopia’s Feyisa Lilesa Fails to Return From Rio After Oromo Protest

WBEZ – Ethiopian Olympic Runner Protests for Oromo

Independent – Rio 2016 medalist Feyisa Lilesa fails to return to Ethiopia after anti-government Olympic protest

NZ Herald – Ethiopian community to protest homeland government’s crackdown on political dissent

August 23, 2016

Foreign Policy – An Olympic Protest Is the Least of Ethiopia’s Worries

The New York Times – Ethiopian Runner Won’t Return Home, but Doesn’t Know Where to Go

Oakland Institute – Feyisa Lilesa: Crossing the Line in Ethiopia

The Huffington Post – Over $100,000 Raised For Ethiopian Olympian Runner

BBC – Ethiopian Olympic runner’s symbolic protest [Tsedale Lemma of Addis Standard speaks]

BBC – The representative [Henok Gabisa] of Athlete Feyisa Lelisa speaks

EuroNews –Feyisa Lilesa fears for his life after Ethiopian government protest

NBC News – With Fists Raised, Ethiopian Stirs Ghosts of ’68 Olympics

SB Nation – Olympian Feyisa Lilesa stood up to Ethopia’s state-sanctioned violence and became a national hero

People’s World – Ethiopian marathon runner uses win to protest killings, oppression in his country

VOA – Ethiopian Diaspora Raises Over $100K to Help Protesting Olympic Athlete

The Guardian – Medallist Feyisa Lilesa fails to return to Ethiopia after Olympics protest

August 22, 2016

The Washington Post [Video] – A show of defiance could lead to trouble for Ethiopian medalist

BBC – Ethiopia ‘hero’ runner gets asylum donations after Oromo protest sign

 Independent – Ethiopian state TV censors marathon runner’s finishing line protest

NY Daily News – Why Carmelo Anthony’s words about social change lacked the power of Feyisa Lilesa’s defiant protest of Ethiopia

CNN International – Video [Interview with another marathoner and more]

CNN International – Video [Interview with Correspondent – David McKenzie]

CNN – Ethiopian marathoner makes protest gesture at Rio finish line

news.com.au – Feyisa Lilesa is afraid his government might kill him after Olympic protest

VOA Amharic – አትሌት ፈይሳ ሌሊሳ ወደ ኢትዮጵያ እንደማይመለስ አስታውቋል ኢትዮጵያውያን 43 ሺሕ ዶላር አሰባስበውለታል

“I drive a good car. I live in a nice house. I have no personal problem. But others are being thrown out of their homes and losing their lives. That’s why I had to speak up.”

Daily Maverick – Rio 2016: Ethiopia’s Feyisa Lilesa gets a silver for running – and a gold for bravery

August 21, 2016

GoFundMe – Feyisa Lelisa Support Fund

Letsrundotcom – Feyisa Lilesa Speaks Out About Killings of Oromo Protesters in Ethiopia

NBC [Video] – Lilesa crossing the finish line with hands crossed

NBC – ‘Maybe They Will Kill Me’: Ethiopian Runner Feyisa Lilesa Stages Protest Against Government

The Washington Post – This Ethiopian runner just won silver. And then he led a protest of his government that could land him in jail.

BBC – Ethiopian runner makes protest sign as he crosses line in Rio

Los Angeles Times – Silver medalist Feyisa Lilesa shows solidarity with protesters in Ethiopia

Lilesa’s [#Rio2016 marathon silver medalist] Interview – Feyisa Lilesa Speaks Out About Killings of Oromo Protesters in Ethiopia

Reuters – Ethiopia’s Lilesa makes protest gesture at marathon finish

Yahoo Sports – Ethiopian marathoner makes political protest at finish line

The Sydney Morning Herald – Ethiopian Feyisa Lilesa wins silver at Rio Olympics but is too scared to return home

August 20, 2016

Al Jazeera – Ethiopia pledges probe into killing of protesters

Arise News – Dr. Awol Kassim Allo speaks to the ARISE NEWS on the current protests

August 19, 2016

The Washington Post – Ethiopia doesn’t want you to know these things are happening in the country

Reuters – U.S. State Department issues travel alert over Ethiopia protests

VOA – US Issues Travel Warning Following Anti-government Protests in Ethiopia

MSN – Protests In Ethiopia Prompt U.S. To Issue Travel Alert

Winnipeg Sun – Ethiopian community asks Canada for help

August 18, 2016

The Huffington Post – Ethiopia’s Bloody Crackdown: The Case for International Justice

DW – Ethiopian anti-government protests set to continue

PBS – Column: How my reporting trip to Ethiopia came to an abrupt end

AA – Hundreds in S. Africa protest rights abuses in Ethiopia

August 17, 2016

Mail & Guardian – Ethiopia’s volcano: The Oromo are resisting the regime and its bid to grab their land

August 15, 2016

Addis Standard – OPDO: Lost, confused and at a crossroads

The Huffington Post – The Ethiopian Intifada is a Response to extreme Internal Repression

Center for Human Rights [University of Pretoria] – Press Statement: Centre for Human Rights concerned about ongoing human rights violations in Ethiopia following the Amhara and Oromo anti-government protests

August 14, 2016

The Conversation – Why the Oromo protests mark a change in Ethiopia’s political landscape

Al Jazeera English – Inside Story – What is triggering Ethiopia’s unrest?

The conversation on YouTube.

“Calls for international investigation emerge following deaths of more than 100 people in demonstrations last week.”

August 13, 2016

HRW – Ethiopian Forces Kill ‘Up to 100’ Protesters

August 12, 2016

The New York Times – ‘A Generation is protesting’ in Ethiopia, Long a US Ally

ZDF [Germany’s Public TV] – Äthiopien in Aufruhr – Westen schweigt

Foreign Policy Journal – Crisis in Ethiopia and the Role of the International Community: Politics of Fear

The Washington Post – America’s complicity in Ethiopia’s horrors

ONLF – The Vicious Ethiopian Regime is Instigating Civil Wars between Somalis, Oromos and Amharas

August 11, 2016

Newsweek – Ethiopia Must Allow Observers Access After Deadly Protests: U.N. Rights Chief

Reuters – Ethiopia’s battle for land reforms could lead to civil war: opposition leader

Al Jazeera – Ethiopia says UN observers not needed as protests rage

WBEZ 91.5 Chicago [Audio] – As Protests Turn Violent, Ethiopia Finds Itself On Brink Of Civil War

Daily Nation – Wave of protests in Ethiopia could point to more trouble, say analysts

August 10, 2016

Reuters – Ethiopia must allow in observers after killings – UN rights boss

“In his first comments on the incident, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, said that allegations of excessive use of force across the Oromiya and Amhara regions must be investigated and that his office was in discussions with Ethiopian authorities.”

NPR – Ethiopia Grapples With The Aftermath Of A Deadly Weekend

Global Voices – Ethiopian Authorities Killed 100 Protesters Over the Weekend

VOA – What Is Fueling Ethiopia’s Protests?

The Stream – Live Discussion: What does the latest round of deadly Oromo and Amhara demonstrations mean for Ethiopia’s future?

Addis Standard – Guest Editorial: The OPDO Challenge: Defining the problem

The Guardian – UN demands Ethiopia admit observers amid reports dozens killed in protests

“UN high commissioner for human rights says reports from two regions were ‘extremely alarming’ with allegations of abuses by security forces”

Daily Mail – Unprecedented Ethiopia protests far from over: analysts

August 9, 2016

The Washington Post [Editorial Board] – Ethiopia’s regime has killed hundreds. Why is the West still giving it aid?

UN Dispatch – A Massacre in Ethiopia

VOA – Ethiopia Protests Highlight Growing Solidarity Between Oromia, Amhara Regions

Quartz – Ethiopia’s previously divided ethnic groups are unifying to protest against the government

The Washington Post – A year after Obama’s visit, Ethiopia is in turmoil

CNN – Oromo protests: Why US must stop enabling Ethiopia

NPR – Nearly 100 Dead After Anti-Government Protests In Ethiopia

Bloomberg – Crackdown on Ethiopia Protests Left 97 People Dead, Amnesty Says

August 8, 2016

Amnesty International – Ethiopia: Dozens killed as police use excessive force against peaceful protesters

The New York Times – Several Dozen Shot Dead in Weekend Protests Across Ethiopia

BBC – What is behind Ethiopia’s wave of protests?

BBC – Funerals follow violent protests in Ethiopia

BBC – Ethiopia’s security forces ‘kill nearly 100’

BBC – Ethiopia protests: ‘Nearly 100 killed’ in Oromia and Amhara

Reuters – At least 90 protesters killed in Ethiopia: residents, opposition

Addis Standard – Carnage as Ethiopia forces conduct massive crackdown against anti-government protesters in multiple places

The Telegraph – Ethiopia protests: At least 90 people killed during government protests

Embassy of the U.S. [Addis Ababa] – Statement by the U.S. Embassy

IB Times – Amhara and Oromia unrests: Why are Ethiopia’s largest ethnic groups protesting?

August 7, 2016

BBC News – ‘Several killed’ as Ethiopia police clash with protesters

Yahoo News – 7 dead as Ethiopian police and protesters clash: sources

August 6, 2016

Reuters [Video] – Police break up anti-government protest in Ethiopian capital

Bloomberg – Deaths Reported as Protests Flare in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region

OPride – LIVE blog: Dozens feared dead as #OromoProtests sweep Oromia

African Arguments – Ethiopia’s unprecedented nationwide Oromo protests: who, what, why?

VOA – Opposition, Rights Group Say Dozens Killed in Ethiopia Protests

Al Jazeera – Deaths and detentions in Ethiopia as protests flare

Al Jazeera [Video] – Report on Grand ‪#‎OromoProtests

August 5, 2016

In support of Grand Oromo Demonstration – By Bekele Gerba et al

Embassy of the U.S. [Addis Ababa] – Restricted Travel in Oromia Region

VOA Amharic – ሕዝብ ባለቤቱ ባልታወቀ ሰልፍ እንዳይወጣ ጠ/ሚ ኃይለማርያም አስጠነቀቁ

VOA Amharic – “እኔ እስከማውቀው ወደ ኃይል እርምጃ የሚገባው መንግሥት ነው”ዶ/ር መረራ ጉዲና

VOA Amharic – በጎንደር ከተማ በተቀሰቀ ግጭት ሕይወት ጠፋ

August 3, 2016

BBC – Oromo community calls for more protests in Ethiopia

EHRP – በኦሮሚያ ክልል በተቀሰቀሰው ህዝባዊ ተቃውሞ (#OromoProtests) ምክንያት በፌደራል ደረጃ በሽብር የተከሰሱ ሰዎች ዝርዝር

August 2, 2016

VOA – Protests in Ethiopia’s Gonder City Signal Uncertain Future

July 31, 2016

Oromo  Activists – Open Letter regarding the carnage in Oromia and possible next steps

July 29, 2016

OSA’s letter to Secretary of State John Kerry – RE: Political prisoners in Ethiopia, Bekele Gerba, et.al on tenth day of hunger strike

July 28, 2016

Human Rights Watch – Dispatches: Ethiopia’s Opposition Leaders on Hunger Strike

July 27, 2016

OMN – በወቅታዊ ጉዳይ ላይ ከአቶ ጀዋር መሐመድ እና ከዶ/ር ፀጋዬ አራርሣ ጋር የተደረገ ዉይይት ክፍል አንድ

July 25, 2016

Addis Standard – #OromoProtests: The “Oromo street” and Africa’s counter-protest state – Part II

July 22, 2016

Freedom House – Ethiopia: Attack on Civil Society Escalates as Dissent Spreads

“While the initial trigger for the protests in Oromia was opposition to an unpopular government development plan, the scale and persistence of the protests in the country’s largest and most populous region point to a deeper ethnic discontent after years of misrule. These developments are even more worrisome as deadly protests began to emerge in several parts of the country less than six months after EPRDF and its allies claimed to have won all 547 parliamentary seats in the latest general elections in May 2015.”

July 14, 2016

Global Voices – Ethiopia Locks Down Digital Communications in Wake of #OromoProtests

July 1, 2016

VOA Amharic – በአወዳይ ከተማ በመንግሥት ታጣቂዎችና ሕዝብ መሃል በተፈጠረ ግጭት ስድስት ሰዎች ሞቱ

June 29, 2016

HRW – Dispatches: Ethiopia Ascends to UN Security Council Despite Dismal Rights Record

“Credible Investigation Needed Into Deaths of Protesters”

June 28, 2016

Congress.Gov – A resolution supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia.

June 27, 2016

Addis Standard – News: Ethiopia Federal Court adjourned Bekele Gerba et.al for verdict

VOA Amharic – በዩናይትድ ስቴትስ ምክር ቤት የውጪ ግንኙነት ኰሚቴ፣ በኢትዮጵያ የሰብዓዊ መብት አያያዝ ላይ አዲስ ህግ አጸደቀ

June 24, 2016

AlJazeera [UpFront] – Are Ethiopia’s Oromo being violently repressed?

To watch on YouTube, click here.

June 23, 2016

Oromo Advocacy Group – Update on Senate Resolution 432

June 22, 2016

HRW – UN Human Rights Council: Item 4 General Debate

“Human Rights situations that require the Council’s attention”

June 21, 2016

Al Jazeera [The Stream] – Protests and state violence: A talk with Jimmy Carter. You can also watch it on YouTube.

“Former US President Jimmy Carter is calling on governments to rethink how they solve some of the biggest problems of today, in a non-violent manner.”

June 20, 2016

Al Jazeera – The ‘Ethiopia rising’ narrative and the Oromo protests

“Oromos have been the victims of indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks in the hands of security forces.”

June 16, 2016

Addis Standard – An Oromo dilemma: The national question and democratic transition

HRW [Commentary] – There is a violent repression in Ethiopia – so why is the UK government silent about it?

The New York Times – Lethal Government Force Brings Ethiopian Region to Fearful Standstill

AP – Group: Ethiopia’s security forces killed over 400 protesters

The Washington Post – Group: Ethiopia’s security forces killed over 400 protesters

DW – HRW: Scale of crackdown on Ethiopia’s Oromo ‘unprecedented’

VOA Amharic – በኦሮሚያ ከ400 በላይ ሰዎች መገደላቸውን የሂውማን ራይትስ ዎች አስታወቀ

OPride – Ethiopia’s crackdown and use of lethal force against Oromo protests ‘unprecedented,’ says HRW

PressTV – Over 400 killed in Ethiopia protests since November 2015: HRW

BBC – Ethiopian forces ‘killed 400 Oromo protesters’

BBC [Video]- Focus on Africa [Facebook]

June 15, 2016

HRW – Ethiopia: Protest Crackdown Killed Hundreds

HRW 61 pages report – “Such a Brutal Crackdown”

“Killings and Arrests in Response to Ethiopia’s Oromo Protests”

HRW [Oromo] – Itiyoophiyaa: Tarkaanfiin humnaa mormii ukkaamsuf fudhatameen namoonii dhibbaatamaan lakkaawwaman ajjeesise

HRW [Amharic] – ኢትዮጵያ፤ በሰላማዊ ሰልፈኞች ላይ በተወሰደ የሀይል እርምጃ በመቶዎች የሚቆጠሩ ተገድለዋል።

HRW [Video] – YouTube or Facebook

HRW – Interview: Ethiopia’s Bloody Crackdown on Peaceful Dissent

Bloomberg – Ethiopia Forces Killed 400 Protesters Since November, Group Says

Newsweek – Ethiopia: Hundreds Killed by ‘Excessive Force’ in Oromo Protests, Says HRW

June 14, 2016

SOAS – Social Movements and State Fragility in Ethiopia: Lessons from the Oromo Protests and Government Responses of 2015-16

June 13, 2016

VOA Amharic – “በየትኛውም ሚዛን እርምጃው ተመጣጣኝም፣ አስፈላጊም አልነበረም” ዶ/ር መረራ ጉዲና

Frontline Defenders – EU must raise treatment of Human Rights Defenders with Ethiopian Prime Minister

EBC [State Media] – Ministry Reschedules Higher Education Entrance Exam

June 12, 2016

7 News Melbourne – Protesters have clashed in Epping this afternoon, trying to shut down a meeting involving the Ethiopian government.

June 11, 2016

Addis Standard – News: Rights Commission declares measures against protesters in Oromia “proportional”, admits excessive force used against Qimant people

ENA – Human Rights Commission Presents Report on Turmoil in Oromia, Amhara States

June 10, 2016

FBC [Gov’t affiliated] – Former Oromia Deputy Chief detained over suspected corruption

“Zelalem Jemaneh, former head of Oromia Regional State Agriculture Bureau with the rank of Deputy Chief Administrator, has been detained over suspected corruption allegation.”

June 9, 2016

Addis Standard – #OromoProtests: The “Oromo street” and Africa’s counter-protest state [Commentary]

June 8, 2016

NPR – Ethiopia Stifles Dissent, While Giving Impression Of Tolerance, Critics Say

Reporter – ለ2009 ዓ.ም. 274.3 ቢሊዮን ብር በጀት ቀረበ

“በውጭ አገር የበጀት ድጋፍ 1.07 ቢሊዮን ብር በ2008 ዓ.ም. ይገኛል ተብሎ ከተያዘው ውስጥ በዘጠኝ ወራት ማግኘት የተቻለው 290 ሚሊዮን ብር ሲሆን፣ ይህም በ2007 ዓ.ም. ተመሳሳይ ወቅት ከተገኘው 2.8 ቢሊዮን ብር 89.9 በመቶ ያንሳል፡፡”

Untold Stories – Poet Caalaa Hayiluu Abaataa about the Oromo people and the oppression by the Ethiopian government

June 7, 2016

Fox News [AP] – Ethiopia approves law to imprison people who share defamatory speech online

June 5, 2016

DW – የ12ኛ ክፍል መልቀቂያ ብ/ፈተና መተላለፍ

June 4, 2016

CCTV – Ethiopian national exams cancelled after leakage

June 3, 2016

Amnesty International – Ethiopia: Detainees beaten and forced to appear before court inadequately dressed

DW – Ethiopians speak out against their regime

June 2, 2016

Addis Standard [Opinion] – Exam-Leaks: Disorientating and Overpowering a Leviathan

Defend Defenders – Ethiopia: End use of counter-terrorism law to persecute dissenters and opposition members

June 1, 2016

Addis Standard: Opinion – Questions on the morality and (im?)morality of leaking a national exam

Social Media – On the ubiquitous moral talk these days and The Reporter’s Editorial By Tsegaye Ararssa, Dr

Social Media – Oromo students cannot sit for the exam they never took classes and studied for! By Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni

Social Media – ለክቡር አቶ ሽፈራው ሽጉጤ፣ የትምህርት ሚኒስቴር ሚኒስትር – Source: Jawar Mohammed

“ጉዳዩ: የከፍተኛ ትምህርት ተቋማት መግቢያ ፈተና (EUEE) በተመለከተ ፍትሃዊ የሆነ የመርሃግብር ምክረ ሃሳብ (program proposal) ስለማቅረብ ይመለከታል። ”

May 31, 2016

FBC [Government affiliate] – Ministry announces new date for higher education entrance exam

May 30, 2016

BBC – Oromo protesters ‘force suspension of Ethiopia university exams’

EBC [State Media] – Ministry Cancels Higher Education Entrance Exam

May 29, 2016

The 12th grade national exam is leaked on social media by #OromoProtests activists.

May 26, 2016

Martin Plaut – Ethiopia: British government ‘deeply concerned’ by treatment of Oromo

May 19, 2016

CBC – Canada’s response to political turmoil in Ethiopia

“Researcher says Canadian government should be more vocal in its criticism of the Ethiopian crackdown”

May 10, 2016

DW –Pulse: Oromo protests

May 9, 2016

HRW – Dispatches: Using Courts to Crush Dissent in Ethiopia

May 7, 2016

Aljazeera – Abdirahman Mahdi of ONLF: ‘Ethiopia is boiling’

May 6, 2016

Amnesty International – Ethiopia: Release opposition politician held for Facebook posts

“Yonatan Tesfaye has no demonstrated links to the OLF. His arrest is just another example of government overreach in the application of its seriously flawed anti-terrorism law. This law is once again being used as a pretext to quash dissent,”

Fox News [AP] – Ethiopia: Activist charged with terrorism over Facebook post

April 29, 2016

US Department of State – On Ethiopia’s Charges of Terrorism Against Political Leaders

“The United States is deeply concerned by the Government of Ethiopia’s recent decision to file terrorism charges against Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) First Vice-Chairman Bekele Gerba and others in the Oromia region who were arrested in late 2015.”

April 26, 2016

Addis Standard – Four missing Oromo Federalist Congress members, co-defendants appear in court this morning

April 25, 2016

EHRP – Opposition Party Leaders (including Bekele Gerba) and Members Charged of Terrorism

April 22, 2016


EHRP – Addis Ababa University Students from Oromia Region, Protested in front of US Embassy in Addis are now Charged for Inciting Violence

April 20, 2016

U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – Cardin, Rubio, Colleagues Condemn Ethiopia’s Crackdown on Civil Society

“WASHINGTON U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, introduced a resolution with 11 other Senators today condemning the lethal violence used by the government of Ethiopia against protestors, journalists, and others in civil society for exercising their rights under Ethiopia’s constitution.”

Addis Standard – From Survivance all the Way to Reconstruction: The Oromo Pursuit of Equaliberty

April 19, 2016

Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission [U.S. Congress] – Human Rights in Ethiopia – An Update

Oakland Institute – Statement by Anuradha Mittal, Executive Director of the Oakland Institute

April 18, 2016

Independent – Fears 400 refugees have drowned in Mediterranean after boats capsize

BBC – Migrant crisis: ‘My wife and my baby drowned in front of me’

April 16, 2016

VOA Amharic – በጉጂ ዞን ኦዶ ሻኪሶ ወረዳ በዳዳ ገልቹ የሚባል ወጣት በመንግስት ታጣቂዎች መገደሉ ተነገረ

“በኦሮሚያ ክልል አልፎ አልፎ በተማሪዎችና በነዋሪዎች የሚካሄደዉ ተቃዉሞና የጸጥታ ሃይሎች የሃይል እርምጃ ምላሽም ቀጥሏል። በጉጂ ዞን ኦዶሻኪሶ ወረዳ መጋደር በተባለ መንደር ባለፈዉ ማክሰኞ በዳዳ ጋልቹ የሚባል ወጣት በመንግስት ሃይሎች መገደሉን የአካባቢ ነዋሪዎች ለአሜሪካ ድምጽ ራዲዮ ገልጸዋል። በወረዳዉ የሻኪሶ ከተማ አስተዳዳሪዎች የወጣቱን ሕይወት ማለፍ እንደሚያዉቁ ለወንጀሉ ማን ሃላፊ እንደሆነ እንደማያዉቁ ግን ገልጸዋል።”

April 12, 2016

HRW – Deafening Silence from Ethiopia

Bloomberg – Twitter, WhatsApp Down in Ethiopia Oromia Area After Unrest – By William Davison

April 11, 2016

Global Issues –Ethiopia’s Smoldering Oromo

“The Ethiopian government’s most serious domestic political crisis in more than a decade began over a scruffy football field appropriated by local officials for development.”

April 7, 2016

FBC [Affiliate of gov’t] – Oromia to unveil 300mln birr project to address youth unemployment

April 6, 2016

Reporter –አዲስ አበባና ኦሮሚያ ለልማት ለሚነሱ አርሶ አደሮች የተሻለ ካሳ ለመክፈል በተናጠል ሕግ እያዘጋጁ ነው

April 3, 2016

VOA Amharic –የሦስት ፓርቲዎች ውይይት

April 1, 2016

Reuters – Ethiopia opposition say land-protest arrests aimed at deterring future demonstrations

March 30, 2016

France24 – Video: Anger among Ethiopia’s Oromo ethnic group boils over

“In recent months, Ethiopia has seen its worst unrest in a decade. Members of Ethiopia’s Oromo ethnic group, which feels left out of the country’s booming economy, have taken to the streets in protest.”

IBT – Ethiopia protesters: No, we don’t have self-rule in Oromia state

March 29, 2016

U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa – U.S. and Ethiopia Hold 6th Bilateral Democracy, Governance and Human Rights Working Group in Addis Ababa

Gadaa – Asafa Jalata (Prof.):- Macha-Tulama Association’s Enduring Visions And a National Call For All Oromo in the Diaspora

“A Speech at the Macha-Tulama Self-Help Association Benefit Concert on March 19, 2016, at the Filmore Concert Hall”

EthioTube – Ethiopia: EthioTube Presents Oromo Music Star Hachalu Hundessa / March 2016

March 26, 2016

The Economist – Grumbling and rumbling

“Months of protests are rattling a fragile federation”

Aljazeera – Ethiopia’s Oromo people demand equal rights in protests / By Charles Stratford

“Largest ethnic group in Ethiopia continues to rally against the government despite crackdown.”

March 24, 2016

Al Jazeera – Ethiopia: Oromo protests continue amid harsh crackdown

“Protesters continue to clash with security forces in what has spiralled into Ethiopia’s largest unrest in decades.”

OPride [Opinion] – Purging OPDO and rhetorical gymnastics won’t quell Oromo protests

March 23, 2016

Foreign Policy – The Ugly Side of Ethiopia’s Economic Boom

“The East African country is facing its biggest protest movement in decades. Its uncompromising approach to development is to blame.”

IB Times – Ethiopia: Government says Oromia has self-rule but activists vow to continue protests

March 20, 2016

Bloomberg – The Shadow Over Ethiopia’s Construction Boom

March 18, 2016

Addis Standard – Ethiopia court grants police investigating Bekele Gerba et al, journalist Getachew Shiferaw et al additional 28 days

March 15, 2016

HRW – UN Human Rights Council: General Debate under Item 4

“Human Rights Crisis in Ethiopia”

March 11, 2016

The Star Phoenix – Large group protests the treatment of Oromo people in Ethiopia

CBC News – Ethiopian community rallies in Calgary to protest police crackdowns in Oromia region

Addis Standard – Editorial: Political responsibility (not vague apology) should come first

March 10, 2016

BBC – Ethiopia’s Oromo protests: PM Hailemariam Desalegn apologizes

IBT – Oromo protesters: ‘We are still on the streets because we want self-rule’

March 9, 2016

BBC –What do Oromo protests mean to Ethiopian unity?

Oromo Advocacy Group – SENATE RESOLUTION Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia

March 8, 2016

Reuters – Ethiopian students demand end to police crackdowns in rare protest

March 7, 2016

CPJ – Ethiopian police detain journalists, translator for 24 hours

NewsWeek – Ethiopia detains journalists covering Oromo protests

March 5, 2016

VOA – በሚያጠናበት ቤት ስለተገደለው ተማሪ ሞቱማ ፈዬራ አሟሟት

March 3, 2016

Oromo Solidarity Project: Awareness Night [Baqala Garbaa’s speech at OSA]

US State Department – USAID: Disaster Assistance Response Team [DART]

March 1, 2016

EHRP – Oromo Protests: 100 days of public protest

February 29, 2016

StarTribune – Minnesota’s Oromo Community Protests at Capitol

February 27, 2016

AlJazeera [Video] – Report on the ongoing Oromo Protest

February 26, 2016

Newsweek – Oromo Protests: Why Ethiopia’s Largest Ethnic Group is Demonstrating

Yadesa Bojia – Zami Mille

February 25, 2016

Yahoo [AFP] – Ethiopia accuses Eritrea of ‘kidnapping’ protests

February 23, 2016

Oromodoc – Shattering the “mythical portrait” of the oppressed Oromo people

February 22, 2016

Addis Fortune – Reclaiming Popular Mandate for Legitimacy Crisis in Oromia

February 21, 2016

HRW –Ethiopia: No Let Up in Crackdown on Protests

“Killings, Detention of Protesters Enter Fourth Month”

February 17, 2016

Amnesty International – Ethiopia: Further Information: Detained Oromo protesters must be released

February 16, 2016

Addis Standard – Oromo Protests: Dozens die in West Arsi protests; situation “extremely volatile” -Police Officer

February 15, 2016

The Link [Opinion] – Where do the Oromo people fit into the story?

February 9, 2016

FT – Ethiopian land protests put down with deadly force

U.S. State Department – State Department Briefing on the situation in Oromia

Addis Standard – Editorial: Ethiopia should stop killing, maiming and incarcerating its people’s question

Addis Standard – Why Oromo protests isn’t just a protest against a “master plan”

February 8, 2016

ECADF – Massive Ethiopians protest underway in Washington D.C.

February 6, 2016

ESAT – Ermias Legesse at OSA program

Qubee Tube – #MedrocExploitation in numbers

YadesaBojia – 50 years of silence

February 4, 2016

MPR News – Minnesota Oromo community decries violence in Ethiopia

The Daily Vox – Bloody repression in Ethiopia and why #FeesMustFall should take notice

February 2, 2016

OPride – U.S. Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar write to US State Department and John Kerry

Open Democracy – Unrest in Ethiopia: the ultimate warning shot?

January 31, 2016

Addis Standard – #OromoProtests: The US remains vigilant, requests “transparent and shared” investigation

January 29, 2016

Yadesa Bojia – Race to the Bottom

Video – Torture in public in Sululta

Daily Maverick – How Ethiopia exploits AU role to suppress international criticism

January 27, 2016

Mancunian Matters – ‘We ran away from murder, torture and rape’

DW – Ethiopia’s hunger crisis eclipsed by turmoil elsewhere

Gadaa – Mr. Jawar Mohammed talks to Hiber Radio about Oromo Protests

January 25, 2016

Global Voices – 17 children killed by authorities in Ethiopia land protests

Video – Beating prisoners [Shashamane police station]

VOA – Ethiopia boundary dispute puts human rights violations in spotlight

January 22, 2016

FPIF – Ethiopia’s Invisible Crisis

The Marc Steiner Show – Dispatches from Africa & The Diaspora: The Oromo Protest Movement

January 21, 2016

OPride – Ethiopia must stop use of anti-terror law to curtail legitimate dissent

European Parliament – Resolution

Amendment 1

The debate [Video]

Press Release

UN Human Rights – UN experts urge Ethiopia to halt violent crackdown on Oromia protesters, ensure accountability for abuses

January 20, 2016

IBT – Addis Ababa master plan: Oromo protesters claim Liyu police killed 27 after government scraps plan

January 19, 2016

Global Risk Insights – Rising instability in Ethiopia could impact markets

Star Tribune – Marchers, politicians urge community to continue fighting injustice on MLK day

European Parliament – Motion for a Resolution

January 18, 2016


“As a response to the comprehensive Oromiya-wide resistance to the Master Plan, the officials of the Federal and the State governments have, rather inconsistently and half-heartedly, indicated that the implementation of the Master Plan is now stopped. The Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Federal Parliament, the Government Spokesperson, the Oromiya State President, and the Spokesperson of the Oromiya Government have all remarked that the Master Plan is not going to be implemented without the consent of the people.”

OPride – EPRDF’s master marksman, Abay Tsehaye, misfires again

The Guardian – In Ethiopia, anger over corruption and farmland development runs deep

January 17, 2016

The Christian Science Monitor – In Ethiopia’s pursuit of expansion, locals prove to be new roadblock

Horn Affairs – Interview with Abay Tsehaye [Video]

January 16, 2016

France 24 – Government cancels Addis Ababa master plan after months of protests in Oromo region

InnerCity Press – UN spox responds to a question about #OromoProtests

BBC Focus on Africa – Interview with Dr Awol Allo

United Oromo Evangelical Churches – UOEC pastors & partners visited US State Department & US House of Representatives

January 15, 2016

HRW – Dispatches: Government backs down, but will protests end in Ethiopia?

EthioTube [Video] – Security forces beating up students at Ambo University, Awaro Campus

VOA Amharic – ስለኦሮምያ ጉዳይ በተባበሩት መንግሥታት ድርጅት ሰልፍ ተካሄደ

Global Voices – Ethiopian protesters endure brutality and censorship amid land struggle

Yadesa Bojia – A picture worth a thousand words

Global solidarity rally – In front of UN Head Quarter in New York

January 14, 2016

Amnesty International – Ethiopia: Civil society groups urge the international community to address killing of Oromo protesters

US Department of State – The United States calls for meaningful dialogue about Oromo community concerns

CIVICUS – Ethiopia: Civil society groups urge international community to address killing of Oromo protesters

IBT – Addis Ababa master plan: Oromo protesters ‘do not trust OPDO statement’

Washington Post – Ethiopia confronts its worst ethnic violence in years

Aljazeera English – About Bekele Gerba’s Arrest & #OromoProtests [Video]

Insight on Conflict – Ethiopia likely to see further riots and deaths without genuine reform

January 13, 2016

InnerCity Press – UN’s response when asked about #OromoProtests: “I have nothing” [Video]

DW – EU asked to break silence on alleged killing of Oromo protesters in Ethiopia

Press Club [Brussels, Europe] – Event cancelled: Press Briefing with H.E. Dr Tedros Adhanom

January 12, 2016

Relief Web – EU: Press Ethiopia on protester killings

BBC News – Stark headline on Oromo protests in Ethiopia magazine

Star Tribune – Minnesota’s Oromo decry crackdown on protesters in Ethiopia

BBC – Ethiopia government criticized over Oromo protests [Video]

OPride – Oromo protests expose the pitfalls of Ethiopia’s forced urbanization

IBT – Addis Ababa master plan: who are the Oromo people, Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group?

OMN – Ezekiel Gebissa in conversation with Rene Lefort on political crisis in Ethiopia

Untold Stories – My experience of the Ethiopian investigation centre: Maekelawi

IBT – Addis Ababa master plan: Oromo protests will not cease despite ‘mounting’ death toll

Social Media [Jawar Mohammed] – The “master plan” is scrapped

Yadesa Bojia – A Tale of Two Grooms

January 11, 2016

Atlanta Black Star – #OromoProtests: What you need to know about Ethiopia’s crisis that no one is talking about

New Europe – Ethiopia cracks down on decent

Global Voices – Mapping the Deaths of Protesters in Ethiopia

OPrideOromo protests should serve as the final wake-up call for OPDO

January 10, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press – Group marches to protest human right abuses in Ethiopia

Al Jazeera English – Ethiopia’s crackdown on dissent takes rising toll

EthioTube – Al Jazeera video report

January 9, 2016

VOA Amharic – መድረክ በኦሮምያ ጉዳይ ባለ አምስት ጥያቄ መግለጫ አወጣ

January 8, 2016

Washington Post [Editorial] – Ethiopia silences its critics with a deadly crackdown on dissent

VOA Television – Interview with Jawar

CBC News – Winnipegger calls for funding cut to Ethiopia after nephew imprisoned amid protests

BBC – Ethiopian forces kill 140 Oromo protesters

BBC – Radio [After the 27th minute]

OFC/Medrek’s Dr. Merera Gudina talks to BBC radio about #OromoProtests

TWC – Syracuse Oromo community protest

Forbes – 140 dead in Ethiopia land dispute: The problem with government ownership of land

VOA – Rights group: 140 dead in Ethiopia’s Oromo protests

Yahoo [AFP] – Ethiopian forces kill 140 in land row over Addis Ababa expansion

Vice News – Death toll rises to 140 in Ethiopia protests against urban expansion

January 7, 2016

HRW – Dispatches: Arrest of Respected Politician Escalating Crisis in Ethiopia

January 6, 2016

Amnesty International – Ethiopia: Peaceful Oromo protesters must be released

RFI – Ethiopia: People in Addis Ababa are scared, living under ‘martial law’, says opposition

VOA – የኢትዮጵያ ተቃዋሚዎች የትብብር ጥሪ

Global Voices – Ethiopia Protest Videos Show State Brutality, Despite Tech Barriers

Irish Times – Government urged to raise abuses despite risk of managing ties

January 5, 2016

Global Voices – Inside Ethiopia’s Self-Defeating Crackdown on Oromo Musicians By Endalk

VOA Amharic –በአዳማ ዩኒቬርሲቲና በምስራቅ ሃረርጌ የተቃዉሞ ሰልፎች መካሄዳቸዉ ታዉቋል

VOA Amharic – በአዳማና በሦስት የተለያዩ የኦሮሚያ ከተሞች ዛሬም የተቃዉሞ ስልፍ ቀጥሏል

Untold Stories – My Facebook news feed is covered in blood

OSA – Symposium on the master plan

January 3, 2016

WSJ [AP] – US shuts down Ethiopia Drone base

January 2, 2016

Bloomberg – U.S. stops launching military drones from Ethiopia

Daily Nation – Ethiopia police reservists abduct two Kenyans

The Reporter – U.S. abandons its drone base in Ethiopia

Africans Arise – East African News Review

VOA Amharic – One teacher killed, 7 years old girl wounded

January 1, 2016

Reuters – Hand grenade attack kills two at Ethiopian University: Police

OPride – OPride’s Oromo person of the year 2015: Oromo Martyrs

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This website is launched in order to memorialize the victims of State violence in Ethiopia. We seek to show the tip of the iceberg of the victims of violence inflicted by the Ethiopian government on its own citizens in general and the Oromo people in particular.

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