Martyred in the month of January 2016

Name not identified/M/Wallaga University student/Reported on Jan 4, 2016/Naqamte, Wallaga – Picture

Abbas Abdulrahman/M/Government employee/Jan 5, 2016/Masala, West Hararghe – Funeral video & Picture

Name not identified/M/Reported on Jan 5, 2016/West Shawa – Picture


Hora Banti Irena/Wallaga University student/Reported on Jan 6, 2016/Naqamte, Wallaga

Magarsa Mati Gudata/M/Farmer/Jan 6, 2016/Buree near Shambu, Horo Guduru, Wallaga – Picture

Dereje/M/Jan 7, 2016/Hirna, West Hararghe


Abdata Olansa/Political prisoner/Jan 11, 2016/Ambo, West Shawa – Funeral video


Chala Mohammed/Young farmer/Jan 12, 2016/Near Haromaya University Veterinary Medicine, Hararghe – Funeral video

Awal Aliyi/M/Jan 12, 2016/Shashemene Hospital [Shot in Adaba, Arsi]


Lencho Dinkessa/Student/Jan 13, 2016/Black Lion Hospital [Shot in Ambo, West Shawa] – Funeral video available


Bari Said Ali /Body found on Jan 13, 2016/At Abadir Village, Masala, West Hararghe – Picture


Soboka Dilgasu/College graduate/Body found dead on Jan 12, 2016/Silk Amba, Midakegn, West Shawa


Biruk [Tolassa] Dhufera Obsina/Haromaya University student/Jan 15, 2016/Hiwot Fana Hospital, Harar [From Abuna Gindabart, West Shawa] – Funeral video

Yasino Ali/M/Jan 17, 2016/Miesso, West Hararge. Brother, Adam Ali, is also killed [See below].

Abdella Hassan/M/Jan 17, 2016/Miesso, West Hararghe

Mussa Hassan/M/Jan 17, 2016/Miesso, West Hararghe

Abdulhakiim/M/Jan 17, 2016/Miesso, West Hararghe

Ahmad/M/Jan 17, 2016/Miesso, West Hararghe

Adam Ali/M/Jan 19, 2016/Miesso, West Hararge. Brother, Yasino Ali, is also killed [Above].

Mohammed Nama/M/Jan 19, 2016/Miesso, West Hararghe

Shalama Taressa/M/Student/Jan 21, 2016/Goban Town, Jimma Rare District, Horo Guduru, Wallaga

Mohammed Adem Roba/M/Farmer/Jan 23, 2016/Wajija village near Asabot, West Hararghe

Birhanu Gaddis/M/Jan 23, 2016/Karra kebele, Wadessa, Ambo District, West Shawa


Ifa Mesfin/University student/Reported on Jan 24, 2016/Mizan Tepi University [From Dega District, Ilu Ababor]


Abebe Lata/8th grade student/Jan 25, 2016/Shanan Town, West Shawa

Usmail Sufian Adam/M/Student/Reported on Jan 25, 2016/Doba District, West Hararghe

Zerihun Jiregna Bayana/M/Jan 26, 2016/Arjo Gudetu village, Digga District, East Wallaga – Picture

* This post will be updated as we learn more about the Martyrs.

Author: Admin

This website is launched in order to memorialize the victims of State violence in Ethiopia. We seek to show the tip of the iceberg of the victims of violence inflicted by the Ethiopian government on its own citizens in general and the Oromo people in particular.

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