HRW: The Year in Human Rights Videos

The gunning down of peaceful protesters in Ethiopia. Animations depicting the devastation of Saudi Arabia’s male ‘guardianship’ system on women’s lives. From these to child brides and LGBT rights, here are the year’s most-watched videos from Human Rights Watch on YouTube and Facebook.

  1. When we pieced together cell phone footage showing the deaths of peaceful protesters in Ethiopia, it became by far our most-watched video this year – both in English and Amharic.

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Martyred in the month of December 2016

13 people [6 Oromia police, 4 government employees & 3 local militia] are reported killed by Liyu police of Somali Regional State/Mino Town, Qumbi District, East Hararghe/Dec 29, 2016

Abebe Alemu/Doni Town, Bosat District, East Shawa/Dec 28, 2016 – Report

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Martyred in the month of November 2016

Two young men who were arrested in Bidire Town, Madda Walbu District in Bale and sent to Tolay military camp have died/Reported on Nov 28, 2016

Wardi Usso/Shot on Grand Oromo Rally on August 6, 2016/Damota Village, Haramaya/Nov 23, 2016 – Report

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